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The Ultimate Guide to Spoiling Her on Valentine’s Day

  • 9 min read

We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s the thought that counts.” Well, sure. Maybe. But sometimes, nothing beats getting a gift you can see and touch – maybe even taste. Every girl loves to feel special, and getting that special something she’s been hinting at for so long may well be just the ticket to – well, a special something in return.

We’re not even kidding here. A Huffington Post article by psychologist Dr Shannon Kolakowski reported that feelings of gratitude are the hallmark of solid relationships. Let’s face it, it’s easy to be grateful for the perfect gift. And if that gift is a sweet surprise, the article goes on to say, the happy feelings last even longer.

There’s no better day than Valentine’s Day to make her feel like the luckiest lady in the world. (After all, isn’t the Day of Love all about getting lucky?)

Sure, a lot of us have been-there-done-that, and maybe you feel like Valentine’s Day is little more than an excuse for Hallmark and Cardies to cash in on your guilt. Snap out of it, Scrooge! We promise: it’ll be worth it. Of course, we’re not saying you should give her something with the hope of getting something in return. But if you get it right on this one day of the year, who knows? Perhaps the next time you choose to spend the weekend glued to the Xbox, she’ll choose not to notice.

It’s the little things. Seriously.

Something special doesn’t have to be something big. When you choose something for the love of your life, think about what she’d love and get her that. If she’s not a fan of Turkish Delight, you probably won’t get too many points for a whole box of the stuff. On the other hand, her favourite chocolate-coated nougat (or fudge-flavoured body paint!) will show that you know what she likes, and you care about her enough to give it to her. In the same way, getting her flowers she loves will be far better received than a cheesy bouquet of overpriced roses from the petrol station around the corner from your house.

We women try to be understated, but we know what we want. And we want you to know, too. (How else can we hope to get it?) Chances are your lady will drop hints to clue you in to what she’s hoping for. These may range from super-subtle to blatantly obvious. If you’re lucky, she might even tell you exactly what she’d like. Whether she does or not, a little sleuth work on your part can show you exactly what she needs.  

The key is to pay attention.

 “Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.”

Simone Weil

    Does she complain about her bad hair days? Is she frustrated by her skin? Are the neighbour’s dogs keeping her up all night? Did she mention that she’d like to be more creative? Or maybe she said something about needing some downtime. Any and all of these things can be magically transformed into thoughtful gifts. Bad hair days = a trip to the salon. Skin troubles mean a voucher for a day at the spa (or even just a treatment like a facial if time is an issue).

    Obviously, you can’t take out the neighbour’s dogs, but perhaps you can get her some earplugs to help with the noise. Of get her a paintbrush and a set of water colours and let her unleash her inner artist. You need to be careful not to mistake an idle comment for a hint, of course. There’s nothing worse than getting a gift that screams “ugly hair” when she thought she was rocking the Kelly Clarkson look. But when you get it right, it shows you really care. She will feel loved by the simple fact that you paid attention to her needs – and you want to make her happy.

    How to make your ladies happy?


    • Listen to what she says. Now, lads, I really mean listen. Don’t do that thing you do where you smile and nod and say “hmm” at (what you hope is) the appropriate moment. Actually, hear what she’s saying, and respond with the kind of comment (or, better yet, question) that shows that you’re listening, you understand, and you’re interested. Trust me, she’ll appreciate it. That kind of attention is a pretty heady aphrodisiac, my friend. Just wait and see. (Plus: it’s a lot cheaper than oysters. Just saying.)
    • Be actively thoughtful. Refill her drink. Hold her hand bag while she settles into her seat. Let her choose her seat before you choose yours. Arrange the cushions so that she’s more comfortable. Seriously, it’s these little touches that make the biggest difference. (And, again: FREE!)
    • Welcome her home. If she’s just getting home from work, help carry her bags or take off her coat. Open the gate for her. Ask her about her day – and wait for the answer.




    We know women. (Call it insider trading if you will.) And one thing we love a whole lot more than you blokes do is shopping. We’re not stereotyping here. It’s just that a lot of ladies love the chance to splurge a little on something that makes them feel as pretty as possible. Yet for most of the ladies we know, it’s tough to justify that kind of indulgence. On the other hand, a little something sexy from someone who will appreciate it … especially if it feels amazing (on and off! Wink wink!) is sure to strike the right tone.

    Don’t worry! You don’t have to brave the embarrassment of being the only guy trying to decipher the mysteries of the local lingerie store. We’re here for you, bro.

    Matilda’s makes Valentine’s shopping easy, embarrassment-free, and even a little erotic, too. To help you ace this Valentine’s Day, we’ve picked a couple of our personal faves that’d be sure to get your lady blushing.

    Life’s too short for so-so underwear…

    If everything goes to plan, she won’t be wearing it for long ... but while she does, shouldn’t she feel amazing? The right cut, colour, and fabric will see to it she feels like a goddess – and looks like one, too! (You’re welcome.) Let’s be honest, it’s not often you’re invited to look inside a lady’s underwear drawer, but in this case, it could be a good idea to take a peek and get an idea for what she prefers.

    Underwear sets are timeless. These lingerie staples can be classic, classy, sassy, naughty, or just plain fun. Whether they give (a classy) Bridget Jones a run for her money, or barely cover the basics, you can’t go wrong with a pretty, practical set like the 2-piece Cotton Candy Chiffon Rosette Set for girly-girls who love flowers, sweetness and all things pink.

    Babydolls are misleadingly named. These short, filmy, feminine pieces tease by (just barely) covering the essentials, and leaving the rest to the imagination. These confections are usually crafted from lace or satin, or some combination of the two. What we can promise, though, is that there’s no hint of “baby” in this heart-stopper. Take a look at our 2-piece Halter Babydoll Set to see what we mean. Made of gorgeous lace, and topped with a subtle satin bow, this beauty is available in both plum and red.

    Corsets have come a long way from their constrictive roots in Victorian times. With their magic ability to nip, tuck, lift, and flatter in all the right places, these naughty little numbers have developed a reputation for fun. There’s a corset for every girl, from the black-clad dominatrix to the pearl-clad ingénue, ruby-red for Miss Cabaret, and everything in between. Our super-sexy Satin Corset Top is… well, we kinda think she speaks for herself. Don’t you agree? 

    …or sleepwear Last year’s trackies won’t cut it on Valentine’s Day – no matter how little time she’s planning to keep them on. Why not swap out the sweats for a romantic robe and make some heat of your own. Why do you think love goddess Aphrodite wore so little – and why so much of it was sheer and shimmery? Because it works, honey.

    Not convinced? Try this silk Charmeuse kimono and see for yourself. No matter where the night goes from here, seeing in this red-hot classic has got to be worth it! Feeling a little laced-up. Hey – we’re not here to judge! But you really can’t go wrong with a little lace, can you? We love how something that covers so little can still look so classy. With its gentle elegance, lace is a timeless go-to for the romantic in you both.

    Why not pair our long sleeve stretch lace robe with one of the numbers above, or even a matching lacing set, to frost your lady’s look with a touch of mystery? You’ll love how she looks; she’ll be amazed at how she feels – sexy and comfortable! Who knew that was a thing?

    We’ve had the feely in satin and lacy … now how about that touchy?

    According to Psychology Today,

    “Touch is the first sense we acquire and the secret weapon in many a successful relationship. Here's how to regain fluency in your first language.”

    The thing is, if you’ve ever had a massage, then you know it’s true. In a word: amazing. And it’s not just sexy. This is science.

    Physical touch is key to healthy human relationships and even good mental health. The good news is that it’s as good for the giver as the getter (yes, it’s a word). In the Psychology Today article we mentioned before, Dr Field, Director of the Touch Research Institute, explains, “Studies have shown that a person giving a hug gets just as much benefit as a person being hugged.” If you’ve ever had a massage, you know the effect it has on your body. Getting a massage from a person you love is so much more rewarding. (We promise!) Since we’re helping you work out how to spoil her on Valentine’s Day, we’re just going to go right ahead and suggest that you don’t try any sneaky short-cut, 10-minute-prod-disguised-as-a-massage ninja moves here. Get a little creative: spice things up with a few massage essentials:

    If you’ve ever had a massage, you know the effect it has on your body. Getting a massage from a person you love is so much more rewarding. (We promise!) Since we’re helping you work out how to spoil her on Valentine’s Day, we’re just going to go right ahead and suggest that you don’t try any sneaky short-cut, 10-minute-prod-disguised-as-a-massage ninja moves here. Get a little creative: spice things up with a few massage essentials:

    Picobong Massage Candle

    I can see your face. I know what you’re thinking. “What?! Massage with a candle? This can’t end well …”

    Worry not. These aren’t candles that you light up and leave around the room. And we’re definitely not suggesting that you light any old candle and drop bits of hot wax onto your lady love (again, not judging. But this doesn’t seem smart, does it?).

    Nope, these clever scented massage candles melt into a luxurious massage oil. You have to feel it to imagine it – warm, smooth oil wafting its sensuous scent … this is a treat that’s hard to beat! These candles are available in three different scents: Coconut Vanilla, Choco Chilli and Apple Cinnamon. Remember to choose the scent that she’d love to smell like!

    On the other hand, you’d rather feel the flames without fire, the Intimate Kisses Massage Oil is what you need. This ingenious oil has been designed to heighten sensual feelings, by being infused with aphrodisiac properties. Try it. You’ll love it. Promise.

    Le ton pour l’amour …Feeling French? … set the stage for Valentine’s love

    From When Harry met Sally to Casablanca, from Love Actually to Jerry Maguire to Pride and Prejudice - and even in Friends: The One with all the Thanksgivings - the greatest of love scenes have shaped our cultural consciousness.  Each one has something special – that je ne sais quoi that worms its way into our hearts and minds and changes us, just a little bit, for the rest of time.

    Settings matter.

    Mr Darcy, rain-soaked, declaring his ardent affection. Dorothy’s “You had me at hello.”An alcohol-soaked “play it again Sam” or Chandler’s accidental “because I love you!” No matter how spontaneous each one tries to be, at least part of the charm (and timeless impression) is that little bit of staging that makes it so magical. We’ve all been in love. We all know how those rose-coloured glasses make the world look more perfect, as if the universe is conspiring to make it all happen just for you.

    Well, we have another little secret for you. Some of the very best of those infamous love scenes are often scented with rose petals, and illuminated by the soft light of candles. These Valentine’s staples just happen to be the simplest additions to your V-Day plan. All it takes is a little artful arrangement and voilà – instant romance!

    The good news is, there’s really no need to buy a bunch of roses. Whip on the armoured gloves, and start methodically plucking their petals. Bijoux Indiscrets rose petals are perfectly formed and beautifully scented. All of the romance - with none of the thorn pricks!

    V-Day the Easy Way with Matilda’s

    We love Valentine’s Day at Matilda’s. like – a lot. And we want you to love it, too. With our discreet checkout and easy options, there’s no more endless queue-standing and embarrassing inquiries to ruin your mood. Just fun, sexy shopping in the comfort of your – well, wherever. (Seriously, we’re not judging ;)). What’s more, if it all still goes wonky, we have a live sales support chat right on our website. Our experts are ready to help make sure your Valentine’s Day gifting goes off without a snag.