How to Survive a long - Distance Relationship

How to Survive a Long-Distance Relationship

Maintaining long-distance relationships is not easy, but it can be done, especially with the myriad of sex toys on the market today assisting you on your path.
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Perhaps you are already in a long-distance relationship, or maybe you’re thinking about it. Due to the global economy, more and more folk have to take jobs, some far away, to make ends meet. This could mean that your partner must be in Dubai six months of the year, which is not really conducive to an easy relationship. So, how does one maintain a long-distance relationship to stay faithful and committed to each other?  

It is a challenging course; however, it can be done, and the many ideal toys on the market help you get it right. This includes technology, and today’s technology is mind-boggling. Capitalise on it to promote intimacy without physicality.

Step One to surviving a long-distance relationship is regular face-time. Depending on the circumstances, you might elect to text or chat daily and schedule face time a few times per week. Life is busy for most, so there is not often the opportunity to connect, making your link-ups all the more precious. When Skyping or video-chatting with your partner, be sure nothing else interrupts you. Give them your undivided attention, and make the most of this valuable time together.

As well as time to chat face-to-face and catch up with each other, you also need to schedule regular intimate "dates". There are various ways to set a sexy scene that excites and promotes a cosy scenario.

Sexting is good, too. Send each other flirty texts throughout the day before a ‘date’, then get yourselves comfortable in secure, private spaces to describe in detail what you would like to do to each other. This alone might do the job, or you may want to switch to FaceTime when you are both warmed and ready. Add a toy to the mix - use a phone App to let your lover take control and initiate the fun. Modern Apps like We-Vibe’s We-Connect include texting or video chat options to elevate your journey of intimacy together.

Then there is good, old-fashioned phone sex. Often combined with sexting to boost the mood, It is incredible how sensual listening to your lover's voice over the phone can be, explaining precisely what he wants you to do or her describing how she’s running her hands over her breast whilst listening to you. And, of course, there’s nothing like that welcome and immensely gratifying sound as they orgasm. Relying solely on sound to turn each other on can be a whole new adventure and one that almost makes a long-distance relationship worth it.

You can also get down and dirty over FaceTime, of course. This is especially successful if using one of the fun apps mentioned earlier. Or, you can make a video for your lover to watch in their own time. This is ideal for couples affected by different time zones. If she’s going to bed as you’re getting the kids ready for school, it is not exactly the perfect time for private sex talk. Videos can thus help you feel in touch and intimate, even from afar, as they can be watched whenever it suits each partner.

Never give up on experiencing intimacy with your long-distance partner. It does take effort, but it is a beautiful way to build new experiences together and to sustain and grow your intimate connection.