How to Survive a long - Distance Relationship

How to Survive a Long-Distance Relationship

We’re not going to lie, it’s a tough course. But it can totally be done, and the bonus is that there are so many awesome toys on the market now...
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Maybe you’re already in a long-distance relationship, or maybe you’re thinking about it. Let’s face it, the world economy is tough. And that means more and more people have to take jobs where they can get them. But just because your partner has to live in Dubai for six months of the year, doesn’t mean you want to. So how do you maintain a long-distance relationship when you want to stay monogamous and committed to each other?

We’re not going to lie, it’s a tough course. But it can totally be done, and the bonus is that there are so many awesome toys on the market now designed to help you get it right. Today’s technology is so amazing, you can get really intimate without being physically in the same city.

Step one to surviving a long-distance relationship is regular face-time. Depending on the circumstances, you might choose to text or chat on the phone daily, and then schedule face time one or more times a week. We all have busy lives, and as much as we’d like to have daily face-time, there’s not always the opportunity. All the more reason why those scheduled dates must be sacred. When it’s time to talk on Skype or video chat with your partner, make sure nothing else will interrupt you. Give him or her your full attention, to make the most of this precious intimacy-building time.

Apart from time to chat, face-to-face, and catch up on each other’s lives, you also need to schedule an intimate date regularly. There are a few options for setting a sexy scene that will get you both off and promote a sense of intimacy.

There’s sexting, of course. Send each other flirty texts throughout the day leading up to a ‘date’, then get yourself comfy in a private space, and go to town sending each other texts and sexy selfies, describing in detail what you’d like to do to each other. This might do the job by itself, or you may want to change to face time when you’re both feeling warmed up. You might choose to add a toy to the mix, using a phone app to let your lover take control and be part of the fun. Awesome apps like We-Vibe’s We-Connect have texting or video chat options within the app, making it even easier to experience intimacy together.

You can also try good old fashioned phone sex. This can also be combined with sexting to get you in the mood. You’d be amazed at how sexy it is to listen to the voice of your love over the phone telling you exactly where he wants you to touch yourself, or describing how she’s running her hands over her breast while listening to you. And, of course, there’s nothing like hearing that familiar and yet oh-so-sexy sound as they orgasm. Taking away the visual and relying on sound to turn each other on can be a whole new adventure, and one that almost makes long-distance relationship worth it.

You can also get down and dirty over face time, of course. This is especially encouraged if you’re using one of the fun apps we mentioned earlier. Or, you can make a video for your lover to watch when maybe you’re busy but they might be missing you. This is a great option for couples in vastly different time zones. If she’s going to bed just as you’re getting the kids ready for school, it’s hard to find a time to chat when you’d both be in a sexy mood. Videos can help you feel in touch and intimate, even if the experience isn’t always ‘live’.

Never give up on experiencing intimacy with your partner during a long-distance relationship. While it takes work, it’s a wonderful way to build up new experiences together, and to develop an honest and beautiful intimate relationship.