Finding Time for Intimacy

Finding Time For Intimacy

We all lead busy lives. Work, kids, social commitments, etc., you know how it is. But it is more than essential to inject your love life with the dedicated time and devotion it needs to thrive.

We all lead busy lives—work, kids, social commitments, emails, stress, social media, and the like. Sadly, when we are pushed for time, something has to give, and all too often, it’s not work or the emails. In a recent survey, American couples listed time constraints as the Number One reason for not having regular intimacy with their partners. That is significant! Relationships are complicated, diverse things and need nurturing, and all too often, a decline in the physical aspect is seen as indicative of the overall state of the relationship. Which is not necessarily so, but it perhaps needs examination.

This is not indicative only of American couples - it is valid worldwide. So, what can be done about it?

Building Intimacy

As with many things, it takes effort, discipline, determination and communication to create intimacy. As Psychology Today quips:

This is not a matter of “working on your relationship,” but rather, it’s about feeding the relationship and giving it the time, energy, attention, care, and pleasure that it requires in order to thrive.

Copious websites offer copious advice on how best to address this issue, but, as mentioned above, you are short on time to investigate. Let us assist by providing our condensed version of the most common themes and suggestions that interlace them all: 

Schedule Intimate Time Together

You have been scheduling time for everything else, so why not for togetherness? And while pre-planned sex might seem a bit of a mood dampener, it’s a wise and crucial start to remembering just how good intimacy with your partner is.

Spice Things Up

Make an extra effort to ensure each physical encounter is a sizzling one. Let one of our perfect toys or outfits add some pep to your intimate hours.

Date Night

There’s more to intimacy than just sex, as you know. Sharing a glass of wine, intimacy, a good meal, meaningful conversation, or even a few hours' escapism at the movies are great propagators of relaxation and reconnection. Book a babysitter, make a plan and reap the benefits!

Going to Bed at the Same Time

It may seem minor, but if one partner is fast asleep before the other comes to bed, the chances of any physical activity are pretty much zero. For some, snoring can be a deal breaker, so if you go to bed simultaneously, the snores won’t interfere.

No TV in the Bedroom

Guilty? Be careful not to forgo valuable intimacy for your favourite programme. However, an hour (or 90 minutes plus injury time!) of relaxation watching TV can be reviving. So, communicate and mutually prioritise. 

A Weekend Away

This is the Holy Grail of intimacy preservation. It necessitates time, support, planning, money and commitment - a big ask, but a weekend away is incredibly worthwhile if you manage it. There's no need to travel great distances - the mere change of scenery and escape from routine is the magic pill. Whether you are organising a surprise for your partner or organising it together, a break is always worth its weight in gold.

All these ideas are accomplished without much fuss if accompanied by communication and effort. Every opportunity to reconnect helps rekindle dying flames, the vital catalyst for a refreshed and rejuvenated relationship. We dare you to give them a go!