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There are many things that can contribute to erectile dysfunction - some that you may find surprising! Here's a little more information about the surprising causes of ED!
  • 0 min read

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can place huge strain on a relationship, and can be devastating for the man as well as his partner. However, ED doesn’t have to ruin your relationship. Our Agony Aunt at Matilda’s answers a question from one of our subscribers about how to cope with her husband’s erectile dysfunction.


  • 5 min read
Erectile dysfunction is one of the hardest conditions in the world to live with. But it’s important to know that there ARE ways to treat the condition and enjoy a healthy and happy sex life. Penis enlargement sex toys, for example, can do a lot for your ED. We’ll show you how.
  • 6 min read
Kegels for men? Oh yes! Kegel exercises for men are just as important as toning those Kegels is for the ladies. Here’s how it’s done.
  • 4 min read
It’s happening now and again, and especially if you can identify factors like age, alcohol, stress or lack of exercise that might be part of the problem, then stop worrying about your manhood and start paying attention to your workout plan!
  • 2 min read