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July 22, 2016

It really is naughty – so naughty that you could be fined or even arrested for it – but we can’t help loving this kind of naughty... Sex in public places might be seen as something you do at the start of a relationship, when you can’t keep your hands off each other. But we like to treat it as a way to add a little spark any time!

We did a quick poll around the office, and found that one of the favoured places to get a little raunchy is the restrooms at a swanky restaurant or hotel. Ladies rooms in particular often have spacious stalls, or even couches or armchairs in a separate ‘powder room’ area. So you can combine comfort with the thrill factor that a miffed maitre d’ might walk in on you at any moment. There’s a bonus if the bathroom has a large mirror so you can watch yourselves at play.

South Africa’s weather is so fine most of the year round, it’s no surprise that secluded beaches and the bush are two other popular places for sex in public. Safety needs to be considered, but we are blessed with many beautiful and out of the way natural spots that are just perfect for a little outdoor action. On these occasions, it may help to have a blanket handy just in case a group of hikers blunders upon you unexpectedly.

Dressing for sex in public

Make it easier to get adventurous by dressing for the occasion. A short skirt might seem like the right idea, but a long, flowing skirt can more easily conceal the action. Leave panties at home, or remove them and put them in your handbag before getting started. For the guys, plan ahead with an easy-open zip rather than button-ups, and either go commando or wear boxers with a wide front opening. The less bits of clothing have to be pulled up, zipped up or buttoned up if you are spotted, the easier it is to avoid embarrassment. Knowing you can scarper if need be helps you to relax and have fun.

If you have been smart enough to pre-plan (or just always come prepared, in case of the right opportunity), then a sachet or sample size lube could really be a help. Maybe the excitement of the moment will keep things slippery, or nerves or over-excitement could get in the way. Not to worry! Your trusty lube will see you through this short moment of panic.

The fun starts with making a list of possible places you could do the deed and get away with it... Stopped elevator? Discreet corner booth in a dimly-lit restaurant? Steamy sauna? Where is the one place you’ve fantasised about having a kiss turn into a whole lot more? Decide on one or more places to try out, and then get out there and have some sexy fun! PS: If you’re not feeling quite as daring as all that, how about a discreet remote-operated panty vibe?

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