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October 01, 2015

You’ve asked for reviews from Matilda’s staff, and we’ve heard you! Sam reviews the Super Soft C-Ring from Tantus.

Tantus Super Soft C-Ring in red


The Tantus Super Soft C-Ring is designed to be comfortable and easy to use. It has a 1.5" (3.8 cm) unstretched diameter, but is easily stretched out to 4.75" (12 cm).

When I say easily - it's soft and easy to stretch but if you do stretch it that far, it's going to be constricting quite a lot. So I'd say that, for girthy guys, it's fine to use just around the cock, but if you put it around the balls too, as Tantus suggests, it could get a bit too constrictive.

My guy is, I guess, medium-ish, and he found it very comfortable just around the base of the cock. In fact, initially he said it felt a bit loose (I don't know - false modesty?) but it was definitely fairly tight around there when he was erect.

Getting it on

Because it's stretchy, the Super Soft can be put on, says Tantus, pretty easily even with an erection. We played it safe and got it on early. Again, if you want to put it around the balls as well, I'd say that would be easier while still flaccid. I'm pretty sure, though, that the stretchiness would make it nice and easy to get on just around the base of the cock while hard.

The stretchiness also helps with a quickly identified problem: making sure you get any hair out of the way of the cock ring. It can *sting* if any pubes get caught behind the ring when you're hard and getting harder. Not being the actual wearer of this cock ring, I have this to report: my partner got hard pretty quickly, and stayed hard throughout some extended foreplay.

Often, when he's concentrating on my pleasure for a bit, he'll lose an initial erection (he concentrates hard), but not when wearing the ring. He was noticeably harder, and the benefits for me were obvious. I was relieved to find that wearing it didn't prevent him from climaxing - I'm not a fan of the 'twenty minutes of hard going and we're still not quite there' experience. It did, though, enable him to control himself until he was ready, and he reported that he felt in control of his orgasm too, and was able to draw it out for longer.

How did it feel?

As the wearer, he found it comfortable to wear, and said he didn't actually feel constricted, even though it was obviously doing its job, and left a slight mark when removed. On the downside, he found it slightly distracting that it pushed into his pelvis at the top on every thrust. I didn't notice it that much from my side. I'm guessing it's because the ring is quite broad. I think the broadness adds to how attractive it looks when on, and probably helps with the stretchiness, but it could definitely also be an issue.

Tantus Super Soft C-Ring in packaging

It certainly does look attractive on. I like the red - it's fun and makes the ring a kind of feature of the erection, which is nice to admire.

On that note, the whole packaging of this cock ring is pleasing. I'd be happy to recommend it to newbies, not only for the ease of use but because the packaging is not intimidating and looks both adult and somehow lighthearted.

It looks like it wants you to have a good time, not like you're supposed to suddenly go all 50 Shades and become a master seducer. I like that in toy packaging, mostly because I like sex to be fun and not too serious about itself.

I'll definitely be trying this cock ring out again, probably quite often. And, as a new convert to the joys of that extra hardness, I'll be stocking up on a few other styles... I already have my eye on the C-Sling. The Super Soft C-Ring was sent to me by Tantus in exchange for my unbiased review.

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