Oral Sex: Taste Better, Enjoy More

Oral Sex: Taste Better, Enjoy More

By changing what you eat, you can change the chemical composition of your semen, and by changing the chemical composition of your semen, you can change how it tastes.
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Be Delicious!

How you can taste better for your partner

Men: Eat more fruit. Especially pineapple. This isn’t just to help with your vitamin C levels – to be honest, you’re unlikely to be suffering from scurvy in the 21st century – it could have numerous benefits for your sex life. Most specifically your oral sex life. Let us explain.

 Basically, your body works as a big food processing factory. Food – like everything – is simply made up of different chemicals and over millions of years of evolution, the human body has worked out how to take the best bits and most important chemicals out of the food you eat, using them to get you through work, rest and play.

But not everything you eat and drink can be utilised in this way, and at least some of what goes in must come out. Now, I don’t want to go into too much detail about any of this, but the molecules that come out alter the chemical profile of what’s coming out. I think that we’re all aware of the effect of beetroot (that red colour is caused by a protein called betanin) or asparagus (that unusual odour is caused by a compound called methanethiol) on our urine the following day.

Semen is exactly the same. Made up from a huge number of different chemical components, including proteins, sugars and trace elements. The exact composition of semen is affected by numerous factors, but diet is one of the big ones. Thus, by changing what you eat, you can change the chemical composition of your semen, and by changing the chemical composition of your semen, you can change how it tastes.

How this affects oral sex

This might make a big difference to how your other half feels about going down on you.

Probably the most famous foodstuff alleged to make your cum taste more palatable is, as we mentioned above, pineapple. Sadly (or actually perhaps not?), Mythbusters never got round to testing whether this assertion is true; and anyway, taste is completely subjective.

Still, there is some general consensus around what sort of diet makes for better tasting semen, and fresh fruit is right up there at the top of the list. Acidic fruits like lemons, limes and cranberries are especially good, as they lower the pH of the semen, making it less alkaline and more pleasant-tasting. And yes, pineapple’s high fructose content is probably responsible for a sweeter tasting ejaculate.

A lot of these things come down to common sense, as generally, a healthy body produces healthy semen. It’s probably no surprise that a man who has drunk plenty of water will produce thinner, less gloopy, sticky semen. This is also generally considered as a good thing, I’m reliably informed.

Continuing along the common sense theme, there are some foods that you should probably avoid in your quest to produce the best-tasting cum she’s ever tried. Things with a high sulphur content – asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower – will give your semen a high sulphur content. Things which have a strong taste or flavour - curries, garlic, onions, Nando’s (or any other) peri-peri – will likewise detrimentally affect the taste of your semen.

You should also be aware – and this is rather upsetting – that some really nice things like beer, coffee and red meat are also on the no-no list. Quite where this leaves Steak and Blow Job Day is still unclear.

Flavoured semen for better oral sex?

Finally, there are some men out there who actually eat things specifically to flavour their semen. Yes, apparently this is a thing. If you’re into making your own, artisanal, homebrewed ejaculate, then the top items to try are pineapple (well obviously) and bananas, with nutmeg, cinnamon, honey and vanilla.

Having read this, I’ve now come (no pun intended) to the conclusion that basically a good smoothie at the local corner cafe is key in helping you have better tasting semen, and that’s sorted my choice for lunch today. Maybe you should consider it too.

By: The Rocket Scientist