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Monkey Spanker

The Monkey Spanker Vibro

The Monkey Spanker is the perfect male masturbation tool - First there was the Rabbit for girls, then came the Duck also for girls... now there's the Monkey Spanker for Men!!!

More Info

Monkey Spanker Vibrator is a brand new masturbation tool for spanking the monkey. Based on an innovative diaphragm design, Monkey Spanker forms a vibrating tube as it wraps around your member. It's been carefully designed to feel just like a woman's soft loveliness. Anyway, about the Monkey Spanker: the super-soft ring in the centre accommodates the male penis without any difficulty. It works with both circumcised and un-circumcised models... With some lubricant to assist the sensation, the ring slips over the head and shaft of the penis with ease, applying pressure and new simulations with amazing results. This feels like a vibrating blow-job - Far better than a hand, and it's perfect for those times when you need that stroking sensation that only a special texture can provide. At the price, this toy is one of our favourite male toys because it feels just great - You're going to love it!

You can't believe what a stir this little gem has caused! It's one of the few really nifty (and polite) toys out there, and can be used as a couple too.


  • For Male Masturbation
  • Vibrating Ring
  • Great Couples Toy
  • Medical Grade Material


Contents 2 x Sets of Batteries, 1 x Vibration Unit
Speed Multi Speed
Stimulation Clitoral, Penis
Type For Couples, For Him
Waterfriendly Non-Waterproof
Size 16cm x 5cm
Material Plastic
Powersource Batteries

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