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49mm Lynx Condoms

Lynx condoms fit like a glove - and each one has been electronically tested to ensure a safe, high quality product that guarantees comfort and pleasure.

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Lynx condoms have been designed for maximum comfort while you play, and the perfect fit makes every encounter more natural for an inspired performance. These 49mm condoms have a reservoir tip - they’re transparent, cylindrical and super smooth when paired with a lubricant. Lynx condoms are made from natural rubber latex and protect from pregnancy and STD’s. Each condom is electronically tested to ensure maximum safety and quality. This box contains 9 condoms and each one promises a perfect fit. These condoms give you peace of mind while you play and allow you to focus on your pleasure while we take care of the rest.

Condoms can protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections if used properly. No method of contraception guarantees 100% protection.


  • Reservoir Tip
  • Transparent
  • Cylindrical
  • Smooth with Lubricant
  • Mde from Natural Latex Rubber
Box Content 9 Condoms in a Pack | Instructional Leaflet
Size 49mm / 4.9cm
Material Natural Rubber Latex
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