The 12 types of female orgasms

The 12 types of female orgasms

Yep, it’s no longer just about the g-spot and clitoris. It’s U-spot and A-spot and 101-Dalmation spots too.

Women can orgasm in a dozen ways!

That's right - 12 ways for her to come!

Although, arguably, it is more difficult for a woman to climax (the female body is a complicated thing), it seems that women can experience more types of orgasms than men. A lot more. Which is great news because not only do they feel amazing, there are actual health benefits to having regular orgasms. According to Carlen Costa, a sexologist based in Canada, women can experience a staggering 12 types of orgasm. Yep, it’s no longer just about the g-spot and clitoris. It’s U-spot and A-spot and 101-Dalmation spots too. Okay, not really the last one. Here are the 12 types of female orgasm identified by Costa:

The G-Spot

Some say it exists, others maintain it’s a myth. However, apparently 30% of women report being having experience a G-spot orgasm, a climax from this erogenous area alone,. The Grafenberg spot (named for German gynaecologist Ernst Grafenberg) is reportedly located 5 – 8 cm up the front vaginal wall, and if massaged can result in powerful orgasms and potentially female squirting. Some scientists say the G-Spot is an extension of the clitoris, which is why some women are able to climax from intercourse stimulation. 

The clitoris

This little love button has 8000 sensory nerve endings. To put this in perspective, a man’s penis only has 4000. The clitoris can also affect 15 000 other nerve endings in a woman’s pelvic area – making it the go-to orgasm method for most women.

The Nipple

Yes, apparently this is possible. A report by The Science of Relationships showed that stimulation of the nipple activated the brain’s genital sensory cortex, which is also activated when the clitoris, vagina and cervix are stimulated. So sucking, flicking and massaging the nipple (gently – because it is sensitive) can result in fireworks – especially when combined with other touchpoints.

The Lips

Here, Costa is talking about kissing – the mouth of your partner. Apparently, a woman’s lips are packed with nerve endings and have the ability to be aroused. Costa recommends kissing, biting, sucking, tongue rolling and teasing should be a mandatory part of foreplay, and with enough focus, can result in climax. The Kama Sutra also states that passionate kissing can result in orgasm – and the roof of your mouth is considered to be a highly erogenous zone.

The Multiple Orgasm

Comes in two forms: sequential (one after the other with a break in between) and serial (one right after the other). This can be difficult to achieve, but Costa says that practice makes perfect.

“I recommend revelling in the rushing endorphins after one orgasm and then reapplying a building pressure to that same spot, whether it be your clitoris that is already erect, your anus, or the walls of your vagina.” – Carlen Costa

The Anal Orgasm

You either love it or hate it. However, there are plenty of women who enjoy the feeling of anal play (as do many men). If you go slow and use lots of lube, the sensations can be, well, sensational.

The U-Spot orgasm

Yes, apparently the urethra (your pee hole) can give a woman great pleasure. According to Lou Paget, the urethra is surrounded on three sides by the clitoris. When the U-spot is stimulated, the surrounding erectile tissue becomes swollen, causing the Skene’s Glands to produce prostatic fluid – the stuff of squirting dreams.

The A-Spot orgasm

Known scientifically as the anterior fornix, this is your front vaginal wall which, when massaged, can indirectly stimulate the clitoris and G-Spot. Apparently, it can be difficult to find and is best explored when you’re super aroused and relaxed.

The Cervical Orgasm

Ah! So it’s not just for pap smears and childbirth! Yep, apparently this sensitive area can also cause a woman to experience powerful orgasms. Who knew! Your cervix is known as the deep-spot orgasm and shares the same nerves as your anus, which is obviously why some women report it to feel similar to anal sex. All women’s bodies are different though – for some stimulation of this area may be pleasurable, but for others it may be painful.

The Zone Orgasm

This is when you experience an orgasm from stimulation of an area not considered erotic. Here, we’re talking thigh, neck or even belly button. We haven’t ever heard of anyone experiencing this type of orgasm, but hey, anything is possible.

The Blended Orgasm

Our favourite kind! This is when a variety of erotic zones are stimulated simultaneously. Rub your clit while your partner slides into you and sucks your nipples. Boom.

The Fantasy / Brain Orgasm

So apparently, the brain is the biggest sex organ of them all. Which makes total sense. Women generally have to feel sexy and sexual to be in the mental space to climax. This also explains why some women are able to orgasm in their sleep. Costa asserts that you can experience orgasms with just thoughts. No touching required.

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