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October 26, 2017

Love swings - the 101


Love swings have hit the mainstream. We’re not surprised – using a love swing is a great way to add adventure and excitement to your sex life. We’re happy that people are keen to explore new sexual frontiers, but before you get into the swing of things, here are a few things you should know:

Weight limits:

Door Swings:

We have two door swings on offer: the Fetish Door Slam Love Swing and the Steamy Shades Door Swing. When hanging these swings from doors, you must take into account the amount of weight your doors can take.

Solid doors, for example, are more stable and can take more weight – up to 100kgs. Hollow doors are less stable and are also likely to bend or warp with continued use. Hollow doors can take up to 70kgs safely.

It’s also important to make sure you lock the door – you don’t want it accidentally popping open during the act (causing you to fall), or someone to open it (we don’t need to explain why this would be bad).

Ceiling swings:

If you’re worried about weight restrictions, The Multi-Vario Love Swing might offer you more confidence. A steel cable screws into your ceiling making it safe to support a maximum weight of 150kgs.

This swing has two harnesses, two rings and a support bar top, which can be used in multiple combinations. The harnesses can be used as seats for two parties, or to provide support for one person to lie horizontally.

How do you set up a door swing?

It’s simple! Here, Martin, our amazing customer services rep, shows us how it is done.

Step 1: Unpack your kit and admire the beauty!

Check out the parts… in all their glory!


Step 2: Time to unravel!



Step 3: Find the little plastic “thingy” on each strap – this is what fits behind the door.

The glass whatchamacallit


Step 4: Place each “thingy” behind the door and close.

Place behind door
A close up!


Step 5: Shut the door firmly and make sure it’s locked! Reasons explained above.

Close the door and make sure it’s locked!


Step 6: Make sure you test that all is sturdy before starting the fun! (PS – love the socks, Marty!)

Test time!


Step 7: Adjust the straps to fit your measurements

Adjust the straps
This can make the straps longer or shorter


Now you’re all set to go. Happy days!

Have fun!

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