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February 01, 2015

How to Experience G-Spot Glory

With our five handy tips!

Whether you’re one of those girls whose G-spot is a familiar go-to for fabulous orgasm, or someone who fears it’s just a myth because she just can’t find the damn thing, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves to guarantee you’ll find that happy place.

Bring On the Toys

While there’s nothing wrong with good old manual stimulation, a toy can make it easier and more comfortable. You don’t want to get a twist in your wrist in the middle of the proceedings... Solo exploration of the G-spot is much easier using an ergonomically shaped vibrator that is perfect for this pleasurable pursuit! Vibrators are also great for helping you find out what kind of stimulation suits you. Varying modes and speeds provide endless possibilities for satisfaction!

Keep Fit with Kegels

There’s a reason every women’s magazine talks about Kegel exercises so often. Those muscles in your pelvis really are the key to stronger orgasms, and strengthening them makes G-spot orgasms easier and so much more fun. Use exercise balls to keep your love making muscles tight and toned. Also known as love balls, Ben-wa balls, Kegel balls or Smartballs, these erotic exercise balls also provide teasing stimulation during wear.

Practice Your Pleasure Positions

Some positions make it much easier to reach the G-spot. Generally, rear entry positions are best. Doggie style is the classic position – it allows for deep penetration, G-spot stimulation, AND clitoral stimulation by you or your partner. What could be more fun? Being on top is also a great choice that puts you in control so you can shift to maximise contact and pressure on either your G-spot or clitoris as needed.

Leave it up to Your Partner

Not only will they have easier access and a unique angle but they’ll also learn how to best satisfy you. Undertaking sexual exploration is a great way to build intimacy and trust with your partner. So lie back and let his fingers do the work...

Take it Easy

As in any sexy play, if you’re stressed and worried you’re far less likely to succeed. Take it slow and don’t have too many expectations. Rather just indulge in every pleasure, no matter where you end up. You want to feel all of the new sensations and develop an awareness of what works and what doesn’t. Going slowly most likely means heightened arousal which will make it easier for you or your partner to locate your G-spot.

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