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Go Girl

GoGirl | Clitoral Enhancing Spray 50ml

If it could, we know that your clitoris would give you a standing ovation, a high five and a thumbs up right about now. GoGirl is the ultimate female enhancing spray that increases clitoral sensitivity and your favourite lady bit will love you for taking the time out to make it all about her.

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While the primary ingredient of GoGirl sounds a little complex (it’s made from amino acid L-Arginine), it’s so quick and easy to use that you won’t remember how you lived without it. The effects are subtle, smooth and strong – the perfect combo for exhilarating sex. Free of scent and colour, this spray simply blends in – there’s no need to wash it off and your partner won’t even know that you’ve enlisted a little help. 

Simply apply 5 – 10 minutes before lovemaking and enjoy the steady climb to an incredible climax.


  • All natural
  • Cool tingling sensation
  • Sensitizes the Clitoris
  • Helps Achieve Orgasm
  • Easy-to-Use Gel


Liquid Size 50 ml
Liquid Type Stimulating

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