The 10 Physical & Mental Benefits of Regular Orgasms

The 10 Physical & Mental Benefits of Regular Orgasms

We know we don’t need to convince you to have sex: we’re biologically wired to procreate and it feels pretty darn good. But did you know there are actual health benefits to having regular orgasms?
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 Why Having Orgasms is Good for You

It's good for your mental and physical well-being

We know we don’t need to convince you to have sex: we’re biologically wired to procreate and it feels pretty darn good. But did you know there are actual health benefits to having regular orgasms?

When you orgasm, you release a hormone called Oxytocin (aka, the love hormone) from an area in the brain called the hypothalamus. There have been numerous scientific studies done around the effects of this hormone, and the benefits are amazing.


All the amazing things Oxytocin do for you…


Oxytocin, along with a rush of endorphins released during climax, is clearly then very good for you. We were interested to read a report created by Planned Parenthood on “The Health Benefits of Sexual Expression”. This is what they had to say.

  1.     Orgasms enhance your well-being

Studies have shown that regular orgasms make you feel happier, improve your immunity, manage pain and may even reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer.

Orgasms make you happy
  1.     Orgasms make you live longer

A study in Caerphilly, South Wales, examined the relationship between regular orgasms and mortality rates. After 10 years, the researchers found that the risk of dying was 50 % lower among men who had two or more orgasms per week than among men who had less than one a month. Other studies have been done in Sweden and North America which all prove that there is a link between regular orgasms and longer life.

Orgasms make you live longer. We’ll sign up for that!
  1.     Orgasms reduce the risk of Heart Disease, Stroke and Type-2 Diabetes

The same study from South Wales also found a relationship between frequent play time and lower incidences of “fatal coronary events”. Testosterone (important to the sex drive in men and women) helps reduce the risk of heart attack and even harm to coronary muscles when heart attacks do happen.

According to the Planned Parenthood study, orgasms help to decrease the hip to waist circumference in both men and women – which is considered to be a powerful measure of coronary heart disease risk. A study in Israel of 100 women found a correlation between lack of orgasm and history of heart attacks. Amazing!

Happy sex life equals happy heart.
  1.     Orgasms decrease the risk of other diseases too!

We’re talking breast and prostate cancer here. Regular orgasms not only reduce the risk of these diseases, but also bolsters your immune system.

  1.     Orgasms help you sleep

We can thank good old Oxytocin for this. It’s been found that the love hormone and surge of endorphins act as sedatives – which ensures a better night’s sleep. So, chuck away those sleeping pills and give yourself a daily orgasm instead. Sounds way more fun to us.

Nature’s sleeping tablets! Orgasms are great for helping you sleep well.
  1.     Orgasms keep you looking young

This has been proven by a study. Over a decade. For reals. On average, the people determined to look the youngest and age the best reported having sex three times a week. Over the course of 10 years, the panel of judges regularly underestimated their ages by 7 to 12 years. Incredible.

Who needs botox when you’ve got orgasms? Yep, research has proven that regular orgasms keep you looking young.
  1.     Orgasms keep you slim and trim

Yes, orgasms burn calories and fat. It’s also been found that people who are more sexually active tend to eat more healthily than those who aren’t. Check out Matilda’s Bedroom Guide to Calorie Burninghere! A teaser: reaching orgasm (excluding foreplay and sex itself) can burn up to 200 calories, which equals half a cup of Ben & Jerry’s Light Raspberry Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream with 1 teaspoon of fudge sauce AND a cherry on top.

The best workout ever! Orgasms and sex are great for burning calories and upping your heart rate.
  1.     Orgasms keep your reproductive system healthy

Hormone levels are directly related to your ability to fall in love, your libido, and your arousal. Having regular orgasms are excellent for:

  •      Endometriosis: The Planned Parenthood Report quotes studies that found that women who have sex and orgasm during menstruation are less likely to develop endometriosis.
  •      Fertility: For those battling to fall pregnant, regular orgasms may enhance fertility by regulating menstrual patterns. According to the study, having sex four or more times a week gives you an 80% chance of conceiving within 6 months! For women, climaxing after your partner comes means you will retain more sperm, increasing chances of fertilization.
  •      Sperm quality: Men need to come regularly to keep their sperm count and quality high. Masturbation is good for you, men!
  •      It helps with your period: Orgasms relieve period pain and regulate your cycle.
For a healthy reproductive system – orgasm regularly.
  1.     Orgasms are nature’s pain medication

Studies have proven that regular orgasms increase endorphins and corticosteroids that raise pain thresholds and ease pain associated with arthritis, menstrual cramps, migraine and a host of other conditions.

Say goodbye to headaches – and pain meds! Orgasms have been proven to help with pain.
  1.  Orgasms keep you mentally strong

The more orgasms you have, the better your quality of life. Regular orgasms increase self-esteem, reduce depression, psychiatric illness and even suicide. Pleasure also inhibits the propensity to be violent. Orgasms reduce stress and anxiety, stimulates feelings of affection intimacy and closeness, increases bonding with your partner and even helps you perform better in social situations.

Happy, healthy and less stressed. Orgasms are simply wonderful for your health.

To summarize:

Orgasms are good for you. Have more of them. As often as you can!

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