The four male sex toys you need to try

The four male sex toys you need to try

No more are men having to masturbate into socks or make do with any old object that resembles a vagina. No – the options now are almost endless.

Wonderful toys for men!

The world of male sex toys has come a long way. No more are men having to masturbate into socks or make do with any old object that resembles a vagina. No – the options now are almost endless.

Men can choose from extenders, enlargers, sleeves, rings, vibrators, massagers and wonderful little devices called masturbators. The fact of the matter is that everyone masturbates, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t try and enjoy these sex toys. It’s a healthy habit.

Mutual masturbation is also a great way to grow trust and connection between couples, so we couldn’t recommend these toys highly enough. To start you off on your journey, these are the four sex toys we think you should try.

Prostate massagers:

From top to glorious bottom, the Njoy Fun Wand is pure steely perfection. With a single ball to one end and three graduated balls to the other, this wand works him up to a potent prostate orgasm, but delivers intense G-spot stimulation, too. This is the perfect his and hers wand for shared partner pleasure! With a weighty body made from 100% stainless steel, this wand is a pleasure investment that deserves lifetime love.

Your prostate gland is as potent as a woman’s G-spot. This male gland is roughly the size and shape of a walnut and is located in your anus, just beneath the bladder and in the front of the rectum. If you stroke or massage your prostate gland during sex, you’ll enjoy incredibly intense and powerful orgasms. So powerful, in fact, that the prostate gland is even known as the male G-spot.

A prostate massager is designed to slip easily up the rectum and massage this very spot. The shape is similar to a finger: the toys have a slightly curved head to reach the gland. Some prostate massagers also vibrate for extra sensations.

To reiterate: prostate stimulation results in orgasms a lot more pleasurable than those you experience from just penile stimulation (some say they have orgasmed from prostate stimulation alone), so it’s definitely worth exploring this area.

Keen to try it out? We recommend the Loki Prostate Massager.

Cock rings:


Cock rings are magical little creations. They are worn around the base of the penis to restrict blood flow away from your erection, resulting in a harder and longer erection and even increased stamina. Cock rings are available in many materials, shapes and sizes and can be worn during sex to enhance both yours and your partner’s enjoyment.

You can also slip it on before using a penis pump which will give you long-lasting results. Vibrating cock rings perform the same function, but also provide you with incredible vibrations that both you and your partner can enjoy.

Try the Coco de Mer George love ring for some sophisticated vibrating loving, or the Force Cock and Ball Ring for an impressive erection. Something like a Steel Ring feels amazing against your skin and are non-porous and easy to clean.

Male Masturbators:

Sex Toys for Men - Fleshlight Go Surge

We’re talking Fleshlight, Tenga, the Pulse and the Cobra.

Fleshlight: A fleshlight resembles a flashlight (hence the name), and contains a sleeve of flesh-like material which is used for solo play. This inner sleeve can mimic a vagina, mouth or anus and is available in 48 textures and in a variety of colours.

It’s really no wonder the Fleshlight is the world’s number 1 selling sex toy for men. The Real Feel Superskin masturbation sleeves are made from exceptional quality material which replicates the feeling of penetrative sex.

Tenga: The Fleshlight makes super realistic sex toys. Tenga, on the other hand, makes creative and trendy masturbation devices which look anything but real – but feel absolutely incredible. These high-end masturbators are made by a company who aims to make masturbation (a completely normal and healthy activity) more acceptable and mainstream.

There is no way you can look at one of these toys without wanting one! They are so lovely, they’ve even been awarded with an industrial design award.

Pulse: The Pulse Range by Hot Octopuss offers an instant upgrade on your Guybrator – they're 25% more powerful and some feature a Turbo button that takes you to maximum power instantly. These vibrators oscillate, sending intense stimulation to his nerve-rich areas. We love that they can be used with a flaccid penis, making them a great option for men who experience erectile dysfunction.

The Cobra: The Cobra Libre 2 is a personal massager designed to focus on the head of the penis, where it hugs the tip for a perfect fit. Two quiet, powerful motors combine to massage the penis head – delivering vibrations to your most sensitive area for a pleasure packed rumble that really revs your engine. The extra soft velvety silicone interior promises plush pampering for your penis. It can be used with just one hand and doesn’t require any up or down movement to deliver pleasure.

Penis Sleeves:

Great for couple’s play, cock sleeves can be very useful for men who have trouble maintaining an erection. Like a cock ring, sleeves are designed to trap blood in the penis, but they also enhance the sexual experience for you and your partner.

Cock sleeves increase the girth or length of your penis and many of them include knobs, rubber spikes and other amazing textures that will give completely new sensations to sex. Have a look at the Fat Boy Extender Sleeve, the Deep Vibe Vibrating Sleeve or the Vibrating Penis Extension Sleeve for some great ideas.

And there you have it. The top four toys you should try. If you need any more inspiration, advice or help, visit

We’re standing by to make your sex life a happier one!