Handy Hints & Tips on How To Use Your Fleshlight

Handy Hints & Tips on How To Use Your Fleshlight

This Masturbation Month, we take a closer look at the Fleshlight, everyone’s favourite polymer vagina. Find the best tips on how to use a Fleshlight here!

Get The Most Out of Your Fleshlight with These Handy Tips!
The World’s Most Popular Male Masturbation Sex Toy

This Masturbation Month, we take a closer look at the Fleshlight, everyone’s favourite polymer vagina. We’ll tell you how to use the world’s number 1 selling male masturbator, which fun Fleshlight positions you can try and also will help you find your perfect Fleshlight fit.

The Beginnings...

The  beginnings of the Fleshlight are perhaps not what you’d expect. Back in 1995, a married man by the name of Steve Shubin was not happy to learn that he was unable to have sex with his older, pregnant wife. She was 40 at the time, and her doctors advised her to abstain from sex to ensure nothing went wrong with the pregnancy.

Steve was a sexual man, and couldn’t imagine nine months of abstinence. He spoke to his wife about creating something he could use to keep himself satisfied. After discussions, they realised there must be a big need among men with psychological or physiological problems - men who were unable to enjoy sex in the traditional way. “We started thinking this way because there was a much bigger opportunity than my current, very narrow, issue,” explained Steve to  Vice Magazine.

With an initial investment of $50,000 Steve and his team created mannequins “with sexual applications”, which they very quickly realised weren’t selling because of their overtly sexual nature.

Steve redesigned the product and knew it had to be portable, discreet and fit easily into a man’s hand. “I thought, Guys are into tools. And what I had settled on was a flashlight, so I decided to call it Fleshlight,” he said to Vice Magazine.

The rest, as they say, is history! Fleshlight is now a multi-million dollar industry and has become the world’s best selling sex toy.

What is a Fleshlight?

Now, we can’t just assume that everyone knows what a Fleshlight is. A Fleshlight is a male masturbation sex toy that closely resembles a flashlight (or torch, in South African terms). In the hard outer casing, sits something called a SuperSkin Sleeve. This is a soft and pliable material that feels a lot like human flesh. Designed to look like a vagina, anus or mouth, Fleshlights allow men to penetrate the SuperSkin sleeve to replicate the delicious feelings of sex, oral sex or anal sex.

How to Use a Fleshlight

You could just start using your Fleshlight straight away, but there are a  few small things you can do to make the experience as realistic and delicious as possible.

  1. Remove the internal sleeve from from the plastic case and place it in a sink of hot tap water (or you can just hold it under a running tap of hot water).
  2. Get the sleeve to the temperature you require.
  3. Lightly shake the excess water off the sleeve and place it back in the Fleshlight case.
  4. Lube up! Lubricate yourself, the orifice entry and the internal canal of the insert. This is great for excitement levels - inserting your fingers into the internal canal feels all kinds of kinky!
  5. We’d recommend a water-based lube like  Pjur Aqua.
  6. Penetrate the Fleshlight and bring yourself to orgasm.
  7. Once you’ve climaxed, remove the sleeve and wash it in warm water (don’t use soap or detergent as it may ruin your toy). Use  Fleshwash Intimate Toy Cleaner instead.

Fleshlight Tips

Have lots of fun with your Fleshlight! There are a variety of positions you can try with this versatile toy, to make masturbating feel even more incredible. Check out our recommendations below:

Fleshlight on Top
Lie on your back and move the Fleshlight up and down the length of your penis. Play with it and take it slow - tease the head of your penis before penetrating it fully.

Missionary Style
Place your fleshlight under a pillow and penetrate the toy like you would a partner in the missionary position. Support your upper-body weight with your hands and forearms as you thrust.

Buy yourself a  Fleshlight Shower Mount for some hands-free bath-time pleasure.

Hands-Free Fun
Secure your Fleshlight between the mattress and base of your bed, or even under the cushions of your couch. Get on your knees, and penetrate the Fleshlight.

The Shoe-In
Stick the narrow end of the Fleshlight into a shoe, on a flat surface, and penetrate the toy like you would a partner in the missionary position.

Suck it up!
If you leave the small end cap on your Fleshlight during use, you will notice a suction effect on the back stroke. Use your hand to restrict airflow at the bottom of the toy to add even more suction sensation.

    Find Your Perfect Fleshlight Fit

    There are  many different Fleshlights available - and you will undoubtedly find one to suit your needs. Check out our top choices below! 

    For Beginners:

    The Pink Lady Original was the very first Superskin sleeve in a can, and holds a very special place in the hearts of Fleshlight fans. It features a smooth interior SuperSkin - perfect for beginners looking to start on their Fleshlight journey.

    Pink Lady Original Fleshlight Male Masturbation Toys

     Pink Lady Original Fleshlight
    Perfect for beginners! 


    For Increased Sensation:

    The Pink Lady Vortex is different from the Original in that the masturbation sleeve is textured with ridges, grooves and bumps. The spiralling ridges will provide intense sensation as they stroke and wind around your penis. Although still soft and pliable, the ridges are denser and provide that extra bit of “oh-my-god-that-feels-amazing” feeling when you penetrate the Vortex.


    Pink Lady Vortex

    Pink Lady Vortex Fleshlight
    Ridges and bumps add to the exquisite sensation

    For Vibrations:

    Just when you thought things couldn’t get better, Fleshlight introduces the The Pink Lady Vibro Touch. Now you can combine the lovely, silky masturbation sleeve with the added sensation of vibration. Three vibrating bullets are inserted into bullet pockets on the back of the sleeve. This is for Fleshlight lovers!


    Pink Lady Vibro Touch Male Masturbator


    Pink Lady Vortex
    With three vibrating bullets


    For Real-Feel Oral:

    The Turbo Thrust is the ultimate oral sex simulator and mimics the feelings of the lips, throat and tongue. The texture is very different - it’s packed with twists and turns that feel incredible. A fresh Blue Ice design makes this a tad more discreet than the Pink Lady range, but is still made from incredible lifelike material. Use with water-based lubricant, and you’ll be coming in a flash! This is also a pretty cool little couple’s toy!

    Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Male Masturbator

    Turbo Thrust Fleshlight
    An amazing oral sex simulator


    Travel Friendly:

    The Go Torque Ice is smaller and more compact than the Pink Lady range. It offers a single-hand grip for easier use and more control and comes with a transparent SuperSkin sleeve and clear case, that magnifies your penis for an amazing visual impact. The see-through design allows your partner to watch while the unique internal textures stimulates you to an explosive orgasm. Kinky and delicious!

    Fleshlight Go Torque Ice Male Masturbator

    Go Torque Ice Fleshlight
    Small and compact

    For Complete Discretion:

    The Boost Quickshot Sleeve delivers the same intense orgasm as the original Fleshlight but has a non-anatomical design for complete discretion. So if the realism of the original Fleshlight is not really your thing, this is the perfect toy for you. The textured interior masturbation sleeve is housed in a small black case that is light and easily transportable for on-the-go pleasure.


    Fleshlight Boost Quickshot Sleeve Male Masturbator

    Boost Quickshot Sleeve Fleshlight
    A non-anatomical design


    There are many other Fleshlights we love - all with differently textured internal sleeves and designs. Try the  Go Surge for a smaller option or the  FleshJack Boys for an anal play experience. The Flight Pilot is a lighter, smaller and more refined version of the original Fleshlights with an adjustable canal. Have a look at the complete  Fleshlight range to find the toy that you’ll love the most! And keep visiting  Matilda’s for the latest and greatest male masturbation toys on the market!