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Pjur Aqua | Water Based Lubricant 100ml

Your skin will feel velvety soft and perfectly pampered thanks to the high quality ingredients that make up this lubricant. Pjur lubricants are designed to enhance your sexual experience and Pjur Aqua is an amazing addition to sex. It’s free from flavours or scents, and guarantees uninterrupted play that’s packed with sensation. We can't love it more!

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Pjur Aqua is the ultimate water based lubricant for those of you who love a smooth, non-sticky feeling. This water based lubricant is free from fats, oils and perfumes and is easily washed off when you’re done playing. The formula is absorbed by the skin, leaving you feeling nourished and protected. This lube hydrates and moisturises, giving you just the perfect amount of glide for sensational sex. It’s great for partner play, solo use as well as use with your toys – the water based formula is silicone friendly.

Although more expensive than other lubricants, Pjur Aqua is worth every penny. This is high-class, high-quality, magical formula stuff that we can't get enough of. You use a lot less than other lubes, because it remains silky smooth for so long. Seriously, if you can, outlay a little more to experience what all lubes should be! 


  • Incredible Quality Products
  • Flavour & Scent Free
  • Skin-Friendly Formula
  • Water Based Lubricant
  • Silky Smooth Texture
  • Pjur Aqua is Toy Friendly!


Flavour / Scent None
Liquid Size 100mls
Type Water based
Liquid Type For Sex Toys

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