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Coco de Mer

Roseravished Massage Oil | Coco de Mer

Simply warm the Oil by rubbing your hands to begin the release of erotic essential oils. Enjoy sandalwood, rose, cedarwood, rosemary and more as enticing scents combine for a sensory awakening. 

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Our Coco de Mer Roseravished Massage Oil transforms foreplay into a seductive ritual of touch, scent and exploration. This oil turns into a sensual massage oil that leaves your skin feeling nourished and pampered. This Oil is scented with sandalwood and rose with notes of armoise, cardamon, cedarwood, patchouli, pepper, rosemary, geranium and vetiver. It contains shea butter and almond oil - two ingredients that nourish the skin and leave it feeling smooth and hydrated. This massage oil is presented in a gift box and makes a luxurious addition to hands-on pleasure. 

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way


  • Essential Oils to Nourish you Skin


Flavour / Sent Rose, Sandalwood, Armoise, Cardamon, Cedarwood, Patchouil, Pepper, Rosemary, Geranium & Vetiver
Liquid Type Massaging
Liquid Base Oil Based
Bottle Size 100ml

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