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You Know How We Feel About Lubricants...! Quality lubricants are an essential addition to any fabulous sex life! They provide pleasure and ease to any sexual experience or adventure. Different textures and types of lubricant can provide a range of differing sensations. These lubes are the best in the business! Experience long-lasting, silky-smooth pleasure with our collection of best-selling lubricants. Our specially-formulated lubes provide maximum comfort and pleasure for a more enjoyable experience. Shop our selection to discover the best in lubrication.

We all know that lubricant is a key ingredient for great sex. Oh yes! You may think your body is doing a perfect job on its own (thank you very much!), but you'd be surprised at the enhanced sensation that lube provides. Why do silicone-based lubricants last longer than water-based lubes? Here's the scientific answer: silicone molecules are too large for the skin to absorb, so the lube stays slippery for much longer, meaning you don't need to apply it as often.