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The Essentiality of Lubricant

  • 2 min read

Get Your Lube On

Lubricants are an essential part of your sexy toolkit. Even if you’re not trying out new toys, or slipping around the back for some anal play, lubricants can ease the way and make sexy time so much more fun.

And, of course, if you or your partner is having trouble getting aroused – especially if there’s been an illness or super amounts of stress in your life – lube just makes it easier for you to relax and stop worrying that it’s all going to get, well, uncomfortable.

Now, there’s lube and there’s lube. The first big difference is whether you want a water-based or a silicone-based lube. There’s an easy way to decide.

In for the long haul? Then you want a silicone-based lube. It feels great and is not absorbed quickly so it keeps you smooth and frictionless for longer. It’s also waterproof, making it fantastic for watery fun. Finally, and very importantly, if you’re using a condom, dental dam or gloves, you want latex-friendly silicone.

Playing with toys? The water-based lube is your friend. It’s kind to the silicone that most high-quality toys are made of, and is super-easy to clean up. The cons? Silicon lube doesn’t rinse off easily, and needs soap and water for a proper clean-up. Water-based lube is quick and easy to clean, and is even absorbed into the body if you’re feeling really lazy. But that means it needs to be applied more often and doesn’t last as long as the silicon-based varieties. So, those are the basics.

Then there’s the consistency of your lube. Some are thicker, and more gel-like. Silicone lubes are generally thicker than water-based ones, but even some water-based lubes are made a bit more gel-like if they’re designed for anal play, for example. You can get special lubes created with anal play in mind – they provide a slightly thicker barrier to protect thin tissue and reduce friction in sensitive areas.

And then, of course, you can choose from a range of scents, tastes and sensations. Don’t like the taste of latex but you want to enjoy some oral fun with your lover? Flavour it up with your favourite fruity treat. Or try out the tingling or warming lubes for some sensational sexy time. There are many great lubes on the market, some pricier than others. It’s tempting to go for the cheaper brands, but remember: you get what you pay for. For a real quality lubricant that is 100% body safe and works the way it should, we recommend going for a tried and trusted brand.