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Our Favourite Brands

Our Absolute Favourite Sex Toy Brands - Matilda's

Beautiful Brands
Because we love quality products

You appreciate quality and design. So do we. Not only because it looks and feels nice, but because it's going to make you happier. From the packaging to the design, to the functionality, the good brands do it better. Let's keep choosing the right stuff.

You want the best sex-life possible, right? 

Great. We're with you on that, and we don't want to settle for anything less. That's why our goal is to WOW you with the best intimate products. We spend every day making sure that you're able to get exactly what you're looking for. The right product, by the right brand. Don't settle for the cheap and nasty. Your body deserves bliss.

Finding Favourites

All these brands are listed here because they're excellent. They each have their own strengths, personalities and styles. Some of these brands only make sex toys for men, while (luckily) most make products for women! Take a browse and find your favourites.