Handy Hints & Tips on How To Use Your Fleshlight

Handy Hints & Tips on How To Use Your Fleshlight

Here we take a closer look at the world’s favourite polymer vagina. Follow our Fleshlight tricks and techniques on handling this stunning little device for maximum male masturbatory pleasure.

Get The Most Out of Your Fleshlight with These Handy Tips

The World’s Most Popular Male Masturbation Sex Toy

Here, we take a closer look at the Fleshlight - every man’s favourite polymer female bit. Read how to use the world’s top-selling male masturbator with suggested fresh ideas and how to find a Fleshlight to suit you

Description of a Fleshlight

A Fleshlight is a masturbation sex toy for males that, externally, closely resembles a flashlight (or torch, in South African terms). Within the hard outer casing is a SuperSkin Sleeve. This is made of a soft, pliable material that feels incredibly like human flesh. Designed to look like a vagina, anus or mouth, Fleshlights allow men to penetrate the SuperSkin sleeve for the same delicious feelings of conventional, oral, or anal sex.

How to Use a Fleshlight

There are a few steps to take to make your Fleshlight experience as realistic and exhilarating as possible:

  1. Remove the internal sleeve from the outer casing and place it in a sink of hot tap water (not too hot), or hold it under a hot, running tap.
  2. Remove the sleeve from the water when it is at the required temperature.
  3. Lightly shake the excess water off and place it back in its casing.
  4. Now lubricate yourself, the orifice entry, and the internal canal of the sleeve. This canal is textured to trigger many levels of excitement, all definitely enhanced by adequate lubing. We recommend a water-based lube like Pjur Aqua.
  5. Penetrate the Fleshlight and bring yourself to orgasm.
  6. Once done, remove the sleeve and wash it in warm water. Do not use soap or detergent, as this may ruin the toy. Fleshwash Intimate Toy Cleaner is excellent for cleaning it safely.
  7. Shake off excess water again, re-insert it into its casing, and stow it away for the next lovely use.

Fleshlight Positions

There are a variety of positions you can try to make masturbating with this versatile toy more fun. See our recommendations below:

Fleshlight on Top
Lie on your back and move the Fleshlight up and down the length of your shaft. Play with it and take it slowly - tease the head of your penis before fully thrusting into the sleeve.

Missionary Style
Place your Fleshlight under a pillow and penetrate the toy like you would a partner in the missionary position. Support your upper-body weight with your hands or elbows as you thrust.

Of course, the shower is always a perfect place to satisfy yourself. To make things even more convenient, Fleshlight introduced the Fleshlight Shower Mount and Shower Mount Adaptors. These nifty gadgets allow for welcome hands-free manoeuvrability in the shower.

Hands-Free Fun out of the Shower
Secure your Fleshlight between the mattress and the base of your bed or under the couch cushions. Kneel and penetrate the Fleshlight.

The Shoe-In
Insert the narrow end of the Fleshlight into a shoe on a flat surface, then penetrate the toy like you would a partner in the missionary position.

Stimulate with Suction
By leaving the small end cap of your Fleshlight on during use, you will notice a suction on the backstroke. To strengthen this effect, place your hand over the same end and hold it there for as long as you require.

Find Your Perfect Fleshlight Fit

There are many different Fleshlights available. We are sure you will find at least one to suit your needs from the selection below:

The Pink Lady Original was the first-ever Superskin sleeve in a can and still holds a very special place in the hearts of all Fleshlight fans. It features a smooth, no-frills sleeve, which is perfect for beginners on the Fleshlight path.

Fleshlight Pink Lady Original Male Masturbator Front

Pink Lady Original Fleshlight
Perfect for beginners

For Increased Sensation

The Pink Lady Vortex is noticeably different from the Original in that the sleeve is textured with ridges, grooves and bumps. These spiralling ridges provide an intense sensation as they stroke and wind around your penis. Although still soft and pliable, the internal surprises of the Vortex guarantee that “oh-my-gosh” gasp when you penetrate the Vortex.

Shop the Pink Lady Vortex Fleshlight Online | Matilda's

Pink Lady Vortex Fleshlight
Ridges and bumps add to the exquisite sensation

For Vibrations

Just when you thought things could not get better, Fleshlight introduced The Pink Lady Vibro Touch, which enables you to intensify your masturbation with rich vibration. Three vibrating bullets in pockets on the back of the sleeve vouch for this delectable addition for Fleshlight lovers!

Pink Lady Vibro Touch Male Masturbator

Pink Lady Vibro
With three vibrating bullets

For Real-Feel Oral

The Turbo Thrust Fleshlight is the ultimate oral-sex simulator as it mimics the texture of human lips, throat and tongue. The Thrust is also laced with cheeky twists and turns, and the Blue Ice design makes it more discreet than the Pink Lady. However, due to popular demand, the sleeve is still made of the same lifelike material and is a popular couple’s toy. Remember to add water-based lubricant, and you’ll be astounded by the result.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Male Masturbator

Turbo Thrust Fleshlight
A unique oral sex simulator

For Travel Convenience

The Go Torque Ice is distinct as it is smaller and more compact than the Pink Lady range. It offers a single-hand grip for easier use and more control and has a transparent SuperSkin sleeve casing to magnify your penis for impressive visual images. Your partner can watch while you journey to an explosive orgasm. Kinky and stunning!

Fleshlight Go Torque Ice Male Masturbator

Go Torque Ice Fleshlight
Small and compact masturbator

For Complete Discretion

The Quickshot delivers the same intense orgasm as the Original Fleshlight but is more private and discreet, with its non-anatomical design. So, if the realistic look of the Original is not your thing, this is the perfect one for you. The textured sleeve is hidden in a small black case that looks innocent, inconspicuous and lightweight.

Quickshot Vantage Fleshlight Male Masturbator Side

Quickshot Fleshlight
A Perfectly Discreet Masturbator

Fleshlight for every style of Masturbation

There are many styles of Fleshlights, with differently textured sleeves and designs. Try the Go Surge for a smaller option, or the FleshJack Boys for an anal experience. The Flight Pilot is lighter, smaller and more refined than the Original Fleshlight, with an adjustable canal.

Take a look at our complete Fleshlight range to find the toy that suits you, and keep visiting Matilda’s for the latest and greatest male masturbation toys on the market!