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The Lesbian Kama Sutra Book

The Kama Sutra was written as a bedroom bible for heterosexual couples that love to get close. In The Lesbian Kama Sutra, Kat Harding adapts the literature for lesbians – with a unique new take on seduction, foreplay, self-esteem and sexuality.

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The Lesbian Kama Sutra promises same sex satisfaction. It focuses on the history of lesbianism as well as modern day myths. This book puts the focus on sex and the female body, showing you how to get close to a lover, as well as initiate love talk and tantric touch. Fans of The Lesbian Kama Sutra will agree that this isn’t just a book – it’s a lovemaking manual. From coming out to meeting other women, this is a piece of literature that’s essential to lesbians – inexperienced or expert. It talks about teen sex, safer sex and even bisexuality – offering a unique take on important topics that affect the lesbian community. From the best position for maximum pleasure to piercings, pornography and partner play, this is a same sex sensation that deserves prime position in your bookcase and your bedroom.


  • An Illustrated Journey Through Different Sexual Positions For Lesbian Couples
  • Fine-Art Paintings & Erotic Drawings
  • Encourages Pleasure & Sensuality


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