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Novelty Toys

Ice Cube Tray (Willy)

A great novelty ice cube tray that will get your guests talking and keep them hot and bothered while sipping on a cool drink.

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There are plenty of novelty ice cube shapes available, most are very thin plastic and basically a useless novelty. These naughty ice trays are made from a durable thick plastic and the shapes are big enough and have enough strong detail to recognise the sexy ice shape! The Boy ice-blocks come in ultra-rude willy shapes and will make any drink sexy and fun to drink. The Girl ice is shaped like the female body. Ice can be such fun...


Contents 1 x Ice Tray
Type Novelty
Fantasies Make the World Go 'Round
Fantasies Make the World Go 'Round

Fantasies. We all have them. Sometimes we have them when we are playing on our own, sometimes when we are playing with our significant other.

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