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Andro Vita

Andro Vita | Pheromone for Men 30ml

Splash some drops of this irresistible pheromone formula on your body and see how women respond. Designed to enhance your masculine charms, Andro Vita is formulated from top quality synthetic fragrances which create an amazing effect on women. 

More Info

Andro Vita Pheromone for Men features a secret blend of highly concentrated male pheromones that are powerful even in low doses. Andro Vita has conducted many blind studies to prove the effectiveness of their products. This blend is lightly scented with an intoxicating spicy scent sure to tempt the opposite sex.

Top Tips

Use the the product as you would use your normal aftershave or cologne. Dab on your forearm, wrist or on your neck. 


  • Pheromones for Men
  • Hypo-Allergenic & Safe on Skin
  • Sexy Scent


Liquid Size 30 ml
Type Water based
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Fantasies Make the World Go 'Round

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