Connecting with the Crew

People often ask us what it's like working for an online sex toy shop . Some people think we spend our days testing toys and indulging in group orgies. Bless. No - our days are spent drinking coffee, figuring out which products will best suit our customers, stock counting, processing orders, making sure the couriers get the boxes they need, dealing with customer queries, thinking up marketing strategies and making sure the website is always working as it should.

It can get pretty intense, but we are lucky in that we're a little family: looking out for each other, sharing big ideas and reminding each other to eat lunch... It's a happy place, and we feel fortunate to work here. Here's a little more about our team:

Saskia - The Big Cheese

Nickname: Sas or Boss Lady

Beef or chicken? Chicken please!

What do you do mostly? I make sure everyone has what they need to make sure we are SA's favourite adult shop. 

What do you love most about your job? Working with a great team of fun-loving, dedicated people

How long have you been here? Aug 2009 (9 years) (omg)

Fav toy? The FiFi - it was the first luxury vibe we brought to market that looked and functioned with the highest of quality. Or The Layaspot, as it was our first top selling clitoral vibe. OR I love the new Coco de Mer range. God. I love a lot of our stuff! 

Amy - The Marketing Human

Nickname: Amz

Beef or chicken? Umm Chicken, Please!

What do you do mostly? Plan, Schedule, write, plan some more, Oh, & drink coffee. 

What do you love most about your job? I get to be creative, develop new ideas and concepts.

How long have you been here? About 8 months. I'm a Matilda's noob but i'm loving every moment!

Fav toy? The Fun Factory range has to be my ultimate fave, all the lovely colours and creations. 

The Helpdesk Hero!

Matthew - Customer Support

Nickname: Matt

Beef or chicken? 100% Mature A Grade Beef..

What do you do mostly? Deal with any questions, product research, thoughts or complaints, making sure to keep a smile on your face from your first click on our website to the first click on your special new toy.

What do you love most about your job? Helping our awesome customers pick their perfect goodies!

How long have you been here? 9 months

Fav toy? Max 2, hands free pleasure always.

The Packing Princess

Fizz - The Packing Princess

Nickname: Fizzle or Fizzy Or Fizz

Beef or chicken? Chicken! Nandos! Mmmmmm!

What do you do mostly? I make sure the right items are picked, checked and packed with Matilda's Love and care for each customer. 

What do you love most about your job? Making each parcel unique for each customer. And working with Cel, haha!

How long have you been here? 8 years in April

Fav toy? Fifi by Je Joue ‚Äď great quality, beautiful to look at and well worth the money!

Our Dispatch Champion

Cel - Dispatch Champion

Nickname: Cel or Bean

Beef or chicken? Chicken please!

What do you do mostly? I make sure all orders are dispatched and sent to the right address efficiently and on time. 

What do you love most about your job? Knowing we make 100s of customers happy with amazing team work.

How long have you been here? 8 years in April

Fav toy?¬†Happy Rabbit Vibrating Strap on Harness Set¬†‚ÄstHappy rabbit is great quality and fun in colour, The harness fits most body shapes and loads of fun!

The Team Cheerleader

Martin - The Content Creator

Nickname: Marty

Beef or chicken? Beef. I'm South African aren't i?

What do you do mostly? I create the content for the products on our beautiful website. 

What do you love most about your job? The crazy humans i get to work with everyday. After 5 years of working with these amazing peeps, they have fast become my family.

How long have you been here? Far too Long

Fav toy? So, i don't wanna say that i've tried them all...but i've tried a few and have to say that the Fun Factory Manta is a firm Favourite!