My Boyfriend is a Bit Sex-toy-Shy

My Boyfriend is a Bit Sex-Toy-Shy...

Some guys are insecure because they worry they’re doing something wrong or a toy will somehow ‘replace’ them. They need our help to process the entire concept.

Boyfriend Not Keen on Toys?

How To Warm Him Up To The Idea


Whether you have a toy bag tucked in your bedside table or you’re experimenting for the first time, it can be a little awkward when your guy doesn’t fancy the idea. This likely stems from not knowing enough about toys and thinking he is under-performing. Some guys even suspect a toy might replace them.

Of course, you know better – nothing could replace his loving touch or his "real feel' - so use gentle persuasion to acclimatise him with their advantages.

Begin by chatting about it. If he truly is ignorant about sex tools and how to use them, try browsing for something together. Read the descriptions or giggle your way through figuring out their many uses. The important thing is that you both have fun, and the pending threat of a sex-toy invasion is defused.

We recommend you start with something small and user-friendly, like a clitoral vibe. Surrender control to him; let him run the vibe all over your body, teasing you and simply observing the sexy fun you are having time together. He’ll soon realise this is something you can enjoy, not his competition. Peek at our selection of cute and classy clitoral vibrators to get you started.