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My Boyfriend is a Bit Sex-Toy-Shy...

  • 1 min read

Boyfriend Not Keen on Toys?

How To Warm Him Up To The Idea!

Whether you’ve got a toy bag tucked in your bedside table, or you’re trying them out for the first time, it can be a little awkward when your guy doesn’t fancy the idea. Very likely, this stems from just not knowing much about toys. Some guys are insecure because they worry they’re doing something wrong, or a toy will somehow ‘replace’ them.

Of course, you know better – nothing could replace his loving touch. But getting him to feel comfortable with using toys to enhance pleasure for both of you may take a little gentle persuading.

Start with chatting about it. If he just doesn’t really know much about toys and how to use them, try browsing for something together. Read the toy descriptions, or have a giggle by trying to guess the most outrageous way you could use them. The important bit here is that you both have fun and the whole idea of sex toys is demystified a bit. Then it’s time to try one out.

We’d recommend you start off with something small and easy to use, like a clitoral vibe. Let him take control, running the vibe all over your body, teasing you with it, and just having some fun sexy time. He’ll soon see that this is something you can both enjoy, and not something threatening. Looking for somewhere to start? Check out our selection of cute and classy clitoral vibrators.