Ultimate Guide to Trying Positions on a Sex Swing

Ultimate Guide to Trying Positions on a Sex Swing

New positions to blow your hair back! Sex swings can provide a whole new way to explore sex positions with your partner, and it is amazing what you can achieve with weightlessness! Have a look at our suggestions here!
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The Amazing Positions You Can Try With a Sex Swing!

Ever Thought About Weightless Sex?

We’ve all been mesmerised by the idea of weightless sex. Can you imagine? Aerial bondage and orgasms? Come on! Who wouldn't want to try it!

We've got two types of swings available - one which attaches to a ceiling and the other which attaches to a door. Check them out here: 

Now for the fun stuff - Swing Sex Positions!

The Swinging Chandelier

This one really makes the saying ‘swinging from the chandelier’ a full-blown reality. So the person with the penis (or strap-on) gets to sit in the swing while the receiving partner sits in their lap - facing them.

The Flying Carpet

Also known as Swing 69. One partner sits in the swing and leans all the way back while the other partner straddles their face. You need to bend down real low to pleasure one another.


 Go for the ultimate deep thrust experience with a traditional missionary position - with a twist. Have her sit in the swing, legs spread, and mount her from the front. The suspension creates a new sexual dimension.

Swing Doggy Style

This position is ideal for penetration for vaginal or anal sex. One partner has to lie in the swing, face down, while their partner enters them from behind.

Merry Go Round

This position needs the  Multi-Vario Love Swing as the idea revolves around one partner lying down on the floor, while the other, in the swing, lowers themselves onto their penis (or dildo). Take it for a spin! Some advice - you will need a lot of  lube  for this one.

The Doorman

Back to the door swings. This super position has one partner sitting in the swing, legs spread and feet in the straps. For added kink, bind their wrists - try  handcuffs  or  restraints and have an amazing go while suspended AND tied up.

Swing Oral

You can take turns with this positions. One partner gets to languish in the swing while the other performs oral - taking the never-before opportunity of being able to rock back and forth. Lean back. Relax. Enjoy.


All alone and can’t play on your swing? Think again! The sex swing offers a new masturbation experience, especially if you’re pleasuring yourself with a  sex toy. Take yourself for the ultimate joy ride!