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If you consider adding to your collection of men's sex toys, this is the right page for you. Get comfortable, and enjoy our top Sex Toys and Tips for Men. And PS: don't forget the lube!

We, at Matilda's, would like to take this opportunity to say that we take pride in catering to our discerning buyers; and dealing only with suppliers' of high-grade and reputed products. We do not stock sub-standard items. In addition, we recognise that the human body is beautiful and should be appreciated as such. Enjoying your lover's body is one of life's greatest euphorias, so be sure to treasure it with care and quality.

Our Sex Toys for Men Reflects Our Policy Perfectly

The two main reasons why guys use sex toys are: a) for Pleasure and b) to train and control their bodies towards longer-lasting performance. Our collection of high-grade sex toys for men fulfils these needs just perfectly!

To achieve the abovel goals, men's toys are mostly thrusters or strokers. In other words, men either thrust into them or stroke them along their penises. Yet there are some that are both, such as Penis sleeves, which add dimension to his penis and (thus) dimension to his sex life.

There is a third, unwritten reason, which most of you men hesitate to admit - you like to play with toys, plain and simple!

Guys, if there's one thing we'd like to say to you is to only use top-quality personal lubricants whenever you play with toys. Lubes are important as they not only increase the smooth running of your private playtime but they also minimise discomfort or possible damage to everyone's sensitive tissue.

Whether you're playing solo or with a partner, allow us to share some of the toys we think are worth considering:

Top Sex Toys for Men

Tenga Egg Male Masturbator

These handy little single-use Tenga Eggs have different textures for different sensations. Bright and nifty, they make silent stowaways in your sock drawer or colourful travel companions. Be careful no one mistakes them for Easter Eggs!

Nexus Enduro Stretchy Cock Ring

width= The Nexus EnduroCock Rings are fittingly flexible, easy to wear, and extend your performance. These naughty boys are a definite hit for ming-blowing sex whether it's solo or duo.

Malesation Black Thumb Anal Plug

Black Thumb Anal Plug by Malesation

Looking for an explosive prostate orgasm? The Black Thumb Anal Plug by Malesation is strong, body-safe, and cunningly designed to hit that P-Spot every time. Notice the safety tabs that tickle your perineum while you're enjoying pleasure.

Rocks-off Rush Male Masturbator


The Rush from Rocks-Off is perfect for solo pleasure. This is especially helpful for men experiencing Erectile Dysfunction (ED). This stroker is a master at its job, being a stroker and frenulum stimulator all in one.

Pjur Superhero Glide

Pjur Superhero Glide transforms you into a soaring superhero within minutes. The Ginko stimulates while the other ingredients mildly desensitise, but increase blood flow to your rising manhood - a perfect combo for a smooth, lingering and luscious ride.

Bathmate Hydromax9 Penis Enlargement Pump

Blue Hydromax9 Penis Enlargement Pump

Pump up for added length, girth and extended action with the Bathmate Hydromax9 Penis Enlargement Pump. Pumps can have profound effects on guys experiencing ED and are also highly recommended for guys struggling with maintaining erections due to chronic illnesses.

Fleshlight Go Surge

GO Surge Fleshlight Male Masturbator

Most of us know that Fleshlight is a superior brand, but the company's addition of the Fleshlight Go Surge has shot its reputation to new heights. You can now get the same delicious kicks as the original Fleshlight, but this baby is smaller and lighter, making it an obvious pick for discretion and travel.

Fun Factory NĂ–S Vibrating Cock Ring

Nos Vibrating Cock Ring

Synchronise your orgasms! The NĹŚS Cock Ring is favoured by all lovers. NĂ–S gives you a better, longer-lasting erection while enticing her clitoris with little shivering vibrations. Simultaneous orgasms are always worth the effort.

Lovense Calor Male Masturbator

Calor | Male Masturbator

Here, we have a recent addition to the long-distance Sex Toy population. The motorised, heating male masturbator Lovense Calor is not only trimmed with delightful bells and whistles but is also highly versatile, so well worth investigating.

Bad Boy 7 Speed Prostate Massager

A cheeky curve and contoured bulge make this Bad Boy 7 Speed Prostate Massager a game-changer. It is not too bulky, and the smooth silicone finish is sexy and easy to insert. Bad Boy is a sought-after brand, and for good reason.

Now please, be our guests and browse our great catalogue of Best Sex Toys For Men. We are sure you will love it!