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Whatever you're using, a good lube is the key to making the experience really mind-blowing. So find some private space where you can get comfy, and try out some of our top sex toys for guys.

Let's just say it straight out: you're not going to find any of those cheap love dolls or nasty products at Matilda's. We prefer quality sex toys for men that look good, feel great and, even more importantly, are a pleasure to use.

The body is a beautiful thing, and enjoying the body of your lover is one of life's great pleasures. However, there is no need for every sex toy to look realistic, nor should it replace the real deal!

So, what could be better than a discreet toy that can get you satisfied, and also looks perfectly innocent on the shelf next to your shaving kit? There are two main reasons guys use sex toys. One reason is for pure pleasure; and who can deny the fun of relaxing in a private space with a toy that is designed to maximise your pleasure?

The other reason is to get to know your own body better, and even to train yourself if you want to last longer or have better control over your ejaculation. Sex toys for men are most commonly either thrusters or strokers. In other words, you would either thrust into them, or stroke them along your penis. Penis sleeves can be used as strokers as well during masturbation. Some even serve a dual purpose as you can also wear them during intercourse to add some girth and experience to your sex life. You could also extend yourself a bit, or experiment with toys to create different sensations.

Whatever toy you might be using, a high quality personal lubricant is the key to making the experience really fulfilling. Lube will increase the ease and sensation to any of your private playtime. So, find a time and space where you can get comfy, and try out some of our top sex toys for guys. Whether you're playing solo or sharing some intimate time with a partner, here are some toys to enjoy!


Top Sex Toys for Men

Tenga Eggs

Tenga Egg - Masturbators for Men

These handy little single-use Tenga Eggs are perfect for travel, and tuck away neatly in a sock drawer. Get them in singles or buy a six-pack. Each egg has a different texture to deliver sensational results.


Tantus SuperSoft Cock Ring

Sex Toys for Men - Tantus Supersoft Cock Ring


The Tantus SuperSoft C-Ring is flexible and easy to wear, keeping you harder for longer to enjoy the ultimate in sexy times, solo or with a partner.

Aneros Progasm Black Ice

Sex Toys for Men - Aneros Progasm Prostate Stimulator


In search of the awe-inspiring prostate orgasm? The Aneros Progasm is strong, bodysafe, and perfectly shaped to hit that p-spot every time, with the added bonus of perineum-tickling safety tabs for spine-tingling sensation.

Hot Octopuss Pulse 3

Sex Toys for Men - Hot_Octopuss_Pulse_Solo_with_Remote


The Pulse from Hot Octopuss is an award-winning solo or couples toy perfect for guys who suffer from ED, or any guy who enjoys this clever combo of stroker and frenulum stimulation.

Pjur Superhero Glide

Sex Toys for Men - Pjur Superhero Glide


Stimulating Ginko and slight desensitization combine to make you a sexy superhero with this lubricating Pjur Superhero glide. Natural ingredients are gentle on your skin while stimulating blood flow for firmer, longer action.

Bathmate Hercules

Sex Toys for Men - Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump


Pump up for added length, girth and extended action with the Bathmate Hercules penis pump. Pumps can make a huge difference for guys experiencing ED, and are highly recommended if you're struggling with erections due to chronic illness.

Fleshlight Go Surge

Sex Toys for Men - Fleshlight Go Surge


You don't need to convince us that Fleshlight is a great brand but with the addition of the Go Surge, they've made it even easier to get your kicks. Smaller, lighter, but with all the delicious sensations of the original Fleshlight range, it's the perfect travel pick.

Velv'or Jnaja Cock Ring

Sex Toys for Men - Velvor Jnaja Cock Ring


The ergonomically designed Jnaja cock ring should tickle your fancy, with its perineum tab and all-day comfort.

Cobra 2

Sex Toys for Men - Cobra 2 Male Masturbator


Fitting snugly over the head of the penis, the Cobra 2 by Fun Factory isn't your standard male masturbator. Two quiet but powerful motors massage the head of the penis, giving your most sensitive spots a workover they do thoroughly deserve.

Cheeky Boy Prostate Massager

Sex Toys for Men - Cheeky Boy Prostate Massager


A cheeky curve and contoured bulges make this vibrating prostate massager ideal for beginners and the more experienced alike. It's not too girthy, and the smooth silicone makes it easy to use.