Pick Your Spot for the Best Orgasms Ever!

Pick Your Spot for the Best Orgasms Ever!

We know now that both clitoral and G-spot orgasms are not only possible but also pleasurable. So, which one is your favourite?

So Many Ways To Orgasm!

With Either Clitoral or G-spot Stimulation

We’ve come a long way from the days when women’s bodies were a mystery – even to ourselves. Now we understand so much more about how we function, and how to feel really good. We know now that both clitoral and G-spot orgasms are not only possible but also pleasurable. So, which one is your favourite?

Is it really a competition?

Before you decide on which way is best, try out some of these top techniques for inducing delicious orgasms...

Stimulate the Clitoris

Very localized, but with tingles that can raise your hair on end, clitoral climax is fulfilling for many.

Classic: Stimulate the clitoris by rubbing it in circles or back and forth. The pressure and speed is all up to individual preference. If you have a partner, encourage oral stimulation. Licking and flicks of the tongue are divine for clitoral stimulation.

En Vogue: Try Electro-Sex toys for unique and tantalising stimulation. Electro sex toys stimulate your erogenous zones or the sexiest parts of your body with small amounts of electrical energy. They offer a wide variety of delicious sensations like tingling, pulsating, throbbing and even vibrating – plus they’re absolutely silent!

Perfect Positioning: Woman on top. When you’re on top you can find the perfect spot to gain the most friction against your clitoris from your partner. Try leaning backwards so your partner can massage your clitoris with their thumb or fingers. Think about incorporating a clitoral massager into your love-making for even more intense sensations.

Get to That G-Spot

Wave upon wave of deep and profound pleasure are the result of a G-spot orgasm.

Classic: Lie on your back and penetrate the vagina with the penis or by using a finger to beckon in a “come hither” motion. Move your fingers around about 1.5cm to 3cm inside the vagina until you feel a swollen, ridged, spongy spot on the upper wall of the vagina.

En Vogue: There is a vast array of G-spot vibrators and massagers that are splendidly shaped for out-of-this-world G-spot stimulation. These adult toys are specifically designed to press against the female G-spot creating the ultimate stimulation.

Perfect Positioning: Rear Entry. Positions like doggie-style or spooning allow for deep penetration that will hit the G-spot. You can also try the missionary position with a couple of pillows propped under you for maximum angling. We can’t choose a particular favourite. To us, it depends on our mood. And anyway, why should we have to choose? What’s most important is understanding our bodies so we know what turns us on and exactly how to reach that ecstasy alone or with a partner. Then we can enjoy as many orgasms as we like!