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September 28, 2016

Having a little trouble getting the big guy going when the time comes? No worries. Seriously, pretty much every guy has some erection problems at some point in life. Could be you’re just working too hard.

Could be you’re getting older, and maybe you shouldn’t have gone for that round of Jagerbombs before leaving the bar. Sometimes, erection problems are a sign of something more serious. If you’re having a problem getting it up most of the time, even when you’ve got your favourite porn clip and your trusty Fleshlightat hand, you might want to talk to your doc.

But if it’s happening now and again, and especially if you can identify factors like age, alcohol, stress or lack of exercise that might be part of the problem, then stop worrying about your manhood and start paying attention to your workout plan!

We’ve got good news for you on that plan. It doesn’t need to involve cardio, sweatpants, or a new gym contract. (Just kidding, we know you already lift, bro.) The workout plan we’re on about is a Kegel workout, and it’s your answer to harder, longer-lasting erections, and fewer problems later in life. Ever seen those Adult Diapers on the shelf and thought ‘please don’t let that be me’? Do your Kegel exercises, pal, and you’ll be sorted.

Some bros think Kegel exercises are only for the ladies. And it’s true that chicks talk about ‘doing Kegels’ a lot. A bit more than a guy feels comfortable with. What’s the use of trying to not think about her under-panty bits in public places if she’s going to draw your attention to how she’s exercising them all the time? Then she starts going on about how she’s going to have much stronger orgasms and .... well hell, what’s a man to do?

We’ll tell you: smile at her and say "Yeah, I’m tightening my PC muscle right now too. My cock is going to be well in shape to give you those amazing orgasms." Then (don’t grimace while you do this, we know you’re concentrating, but you need to look cool), tighten the exact muscles that you’d pull in to hold a pee. Tighten. Release. Tighten. Release. Try not to pull in your sphincter at the same time. Concentrate on feeling the ‘hold it in man, hold it in’ muscle. That’s the core muscle you’ll be working on.

So what do you actually get out of this? It’s no big deal. You’ll just last longer; have stronger, more ‘upright’ erections; and cum harder and longer. Oh, and if you do need to hold in that pee while making your way through the crowd at the rugby to the only open toilet, you’re sorted. Sounds pretty good, for a non-cardio workout, right?

If you want to be really lazy about it, you can even get Kegel exercisers for men, or invest in a set of Kegel balls. Use them kind of like an exercise butt plug, if that floats your boat, or you can even use your standard prostate massager. When inserted, you’ll feel the clenching of that muscle much more strongly, which helps with practice. Enjoy the ride. It's so much better when you've worked out.

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