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Kegel8 V For Men | Kegel Exerciser

The Kegel 8 V for men turns pelvic muscles from lazy to lothario. From erectile dysfunction to pelvic pain, this device for men is a magical multi-tasker when it comes to keeping him in tip-top shape. This male kegel exerciser can be used with an anal probe or with skin electrodes for a less invasive experience.

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This electronic muscle stimulator features a number of programmes to ensure perfect pelvic health. From incontinence to lack of sensation, the anal probe or skin electrodes ensure that this device alleviates male issues. The electrodes can be placed on the back, the ankle or the perineum according to the treatment needed. This device is clinically proven and has been developed hand-in-hand with leading clinicians. Many men aren’t aware that their pelvic floor has a hand in their sexual function, and that strengthening the floor will boost their sexual prowess.

Recommended for: Incontinence, Erectile Dysfunction, Pelvic Pain, Bowel Problems, Overactive Bladder & Nocturia


  • PC Exerciser Designed Especially For Men
  • 8 x Programmes To Choose From
  • Prevent & Treat Incontinence, Erectile Dysfunction, Pelvic Pain & Bowel Problems
  • Recommended By Doctors


Contents 1 x Kegel8 V For Men Unit | 1 x Slim Anal Probe | 4 x Skin Electrodes | 1 x 9v Battery | 2 x Lead Wires | 1 x Sachet of Lubricant | A User Guide | A Quick Start Guide
Speed No Vibration
Stimulation Prostate G-Spot Men
Type For Him
Waterfriendly No
Material No
Powersource Batteries

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