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Steamy Shades

Inflatable Wedge

The Steamy Shades Inflatable Wedge is a blow-up pillow that allows you to explore adventurous sex positions in comfort. It even adds a lift to missionary for instant enhancement of a classic position!

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The Inflatable Wedge by Steamy Shades is the ultimate support system for great sex, allowing you to explore adventurous positions in comfort for even more stimulation and pleasure. This wedge is made from sturdy inflatable plastic with reinforced seams that allow you to get as adventurous as your imagination allows! This wedge pillow is reusable and easy to store and it’s perfect for travel and a naughty weekend away. This inflatable wedge is easily cleaned and is designed to prevent slippage, making sex even more sensational.


  • Sex Positioning Aid
  • Reusable & Inflatable
  • Soft & Comfortable
  • Easy To Clean
  • Travel Friendly
  • 100% PVC


Contents 1 x Inflatable Wedge
Material No
Size Length: 245cm | Width: 115cm | Height: 60cm
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Sex Swings. Take Up Your Position!

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