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Sexpert Game | Sex Quiz

If you’re savvy when it comes to sex, this Sexpert Sex Quiz will help you show off a little. This game is a great warm-up to a sexy evening, so sharpen up and aim for an A+!

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This sex game comes with a range of questions that will make you blush, giggle or get it on. The sexy teacher will take you on a juicy journey to test your knowledge. This carnal classroom asks questions like: Which position burns the most calories? Do women who frequently wear high heels have more intense orgasms? Each player takes a turn to draw a card from the stack. Options include multiple choice, True or False or an open question. Fun, facts (and perhaps a little frolicking) are sure to follow. Brush up on your erotic expertise and avoid a scolding from the strict school mistress.


Contents Question Cards | 1 x Game Board | 6 x Pawns | 6 x Answer Chips
Type Game

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