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The Oral Sex Game

The Oral Sex Game inspires couples to give and receive oral sex. It includes cunnilingus and blow-job techniques for maximum partner fun!

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The Oral Sex Game encourages delicious indulgence. Your oral adventure that begins with a board, two markers and double dice. The game rules include 5 oral sex techniques for cunnilingus and 5 for blow jobs, allowing lovers to show off and expand their sexy skills. The first partner to reach The Tongue receives oral sex as a reward. This sexy couples board game is our go-to pick for a naughty warm-up. Simply add a keen partner and plenty of imagination for the ultimate oral experience!


Contents 1 x Player Board | 2 x Game Markers | 2 x Game Dice | 5 x Oral Sex Techniques for Him | 5 x Oral Sex Techniques for Her | Game Instructions
Type Game
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