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Bijoux Indiscrets

Twenty One | Bijoux Vibrating Diamond

The Bijoux Indiscrets Twenty One vibrating diamond is pleasure-packed at every angle. This toy has 7 vibration patterns and 3 speeds – all controlled by a single button.

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Every girl deserves a diamond and Bijoux Indiscrets Twenty One is a gem when it comes to precise pleasure. This vibrating diamond has a larger base for broader stimulation as well as a tip for more targeted play. 3 Speeds and 7 vibration patterns can be combined for a potent blend and the waterproof design is perfect for adventurous pleasure seekers. This vibrator has a single button that controls both speed and pattern. The rechargeable design allows you to power it up for anytime play. Twenty One measures 4.6 x 6.5cm and the angled design delivers unique stimulation every time.

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  • Diamond Shape
  • Intimate Massager
  • Rechargeable Motor
  • 3 x Vibration Levels
  • 7 x Vibration Modes


Contents User Manual | Satin Storage Pouch | USB Charging Cable
Speed Multi Speed
Stimulation Clitoral, Erotic Massage
Type For Her
Waterfriendly Waterproof
Size 4.6 X 6.5 cm
Material ABS Plastic Gold Plated
Powersource Rechargeable
Warranty 1 Year Warranty

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