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Hydromax 7 | Penis Enlargement Pump X30

Previously known as the Hydromax X30, our Hydromax 7 has a brand new name that reflects it’s status as a premium penis pump for men that measure up to 7 inches. It fights erectile dysfunction and improves blood flow to the penis - the result is a larger penis, a more impressive erection and plenty of extra confidence in the bedroom.

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Our Hydromax X30 has a brand new name, making it easier to find and to remind you that it’s perfect for users with an erection length of up to 7 inches. Now known as the Hydromax 7, this hydro penis pump is designed to optimise your penis health. This penis pump works in the bath or the shower and uses water pressure to increase your penis size as well as your penis health. When used regularly, this penis enlargement pump delivers a measurable increase in length and girth - and 92% of users were completely satisfied with their impressive results. This pump is easy to use and is effortlessly incorporated into your morning or evening bathroom routine for 3 daily sessions lasting just 5 minutes each. All it takes is 15 minutes a day for visible results, a healthier penis and a more impressive erection that lasts longer. This penis pump is simply filled with water and then sealed to your body - the bellows systems improves comfort and power while the latch valve makes it easier to attach when you’re in the shower. This pump is body safe and clinically certified, and supports a girth of 6.5 inches. It’s easily cleaned and maintained and you’ll see fantastic results for minimal regular effort.

Make sure to trim your pubic hair to enable a good seal between the skin and pump’s gaiter. Thick and long pubic hair can prevent the good contact with the skin, which is required for creating a good vacuum force. 60 Days of repeat use earns you a wider girth and a healthier penis.


    • Optimizes Sexual Health
    • Stronger & Harder Erections
    • Bellows Pump System
    • Better, Faster Gains
    • Soft & Removable Comfort Pads
    • Easy to Clean
    • New Swivel Action
    • New Super Flow Latch Valve System
    • Can Be Used In the Bath or Shower
    • Max Vacuum Water: -0.55 bar
    • Generates 35% More Suction Force Than The Hercules


    Contents Penis Pump Only
    Size Will Fit Erect Length of: 13-18 cm With girth less then 16.5 cm
    Material Rubber / Polycarbonate
    Warranty 1 Year Warranty from date of Purchase


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