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Hydromax X30 | Penis Enlargement Pump

The Hydromax X30 by Bathmate is 250 times more powerful than an air pump and delivers 35% more suction power than its predecessor, the Hercules. How is that for an impressive stat? Use it for a larger erection and improved blood flow!


More Info

The Hydromax X30 by Bathmate is designed to boost your size and your confidence. This pump uses water pressure for a workout, giving you a permanently larger erection. The X30 penis pump delivers 35% more suction than the Bathmate Hercules and delivers quicker and more effective results with regular use. The X30 fits men with an erect length of 12-18cm and an erect width of 5cm. It has an internal length of 25cm. This water driven penis pump is 250 times more powerful than a standard air pump and you can use it in the bath or shower. 

Top Tips

  1. Make sure to trim your pubic hair to enable a good seal between the skin and pump’s gaiter. Thick and long pubic hair can prevent the good contact with the skin, which is required for creating a good vacuum force.
  2. 60 Days of repeat use earns you a wider girth and a healthier penis.


    • Optimizes Sexual Health
    • Stronger & Harder Erections
    • Bellows Pump System
    • Better, Faster Gains
    • Soft & Removable Comfort Pads
    • Easy to Clean
    • New Swivel Action
    • New Super Flow Latch Valve System
    • Can Be Used In the Bath or Shower
    • Max Vacuum Water: -0.55 bar
    • Generates 35% More Suction Force Than The Hercules


    Contents Penis Pump Only
    Speed No Vibration
    Stimulation Penis
    Type For Him
    Size Will Fit Erect Length of: 12-18cm With Erect Width of: 5cm
    Material Rubber / Polycarbonate
    Powersource No power source
    Warranty 1 Year Warranty


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