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Male Chastity The Curve Clear

When it’s time to take complete control, The Curve keeps him under lock and key. This male chastity device makes you boss in the bedroom and beyond, and as the keeper of the key you’re in prime position to give and take pleasure at a wicked whim.

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The Curve chastity toy is designed for men with a larger size and features natural lines that complement the shape of his body. This device is perfect for all-day control as the slim design makes it ideal for wearing under clothes. He’ll even go through metal detectors unchecked as the numbered plastic locks pass through alarms with ease. The Curve features three rings that fit together perfectly – they have a flat design for extra comfort and they interlock for a secure fit. Guide pins to the top hold these pieces together. This go-to gadget is perfect for extreme domination and is lightweight enough for regular use. The medical grade polycarbonate material is hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive skins that deserve extra care. It has plenty of vents to the cage for hygienic use while the tip has a bottom opening for use at urinals. This toy is completely customizable thanks to a selection of rings and spacers of different sizes. These are all included, so that you can tailor the perfect fit. While wearing The Curve, he won’t be able to touch himself and his partner will enjoy complete carnal control. Each package includes a cage with locking pins, spacers and 5 rings in different sizes. You’ll also receive a brass padlock and 5 numbered plastic locks. The Curve is perfect for men who love to please their dom. The only way to get out of this beauty is begging, pleading… and plenty of patience.


  • Medical Grade Polycarbonate Material
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 5 x Ring Sizes
  • Customizable
  • Lightweight Design
  • Easy To Remove
  • Easy To Clean


Contents 1 x Cage | 4 x Locking Pins | 4 x Spacers | 1 x Brass Padlock | 5 x Plastic Locks | Storage Bag
Material No

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