Customer Love!

 We love making our customers happy, and we put a lot of care into everything we do: from choosing high-quality products to providing outstanding and efficient service.

We think we get it right most of the time and our customers seem to agree. Here's what they have to say:

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Matilda's and the team behind the scenes for taking the fears out of shopping for items that are so very intimate. I always wanted to explore but couldn't convince myself to walk into an adult shop - not knowing if I could face a sales person having to assist me with such intimate choices! When I placed my order I was so worried about the parcel being delivered with paperwork showing the content of the parcel, as I wasn't the one receiving the parcel. When I arrived at my complex's security, I was so relieved to find the parcel delivered so discreetly. Then when I opened the parcel I found I beautifully wrapped gift - I can't begin to explain how special you have made this experience for me, you even thought about batteries - I didn't!! Lol. Thank you so much - I will most definitely recommend Matilda's to all my Afrikaans-speaking friends - knowing that this will change their view on shopping for sex toys as it did mine."

HM - Kimberley

"I was reading the latest issue of COSMOPOLITAN, they have a sealed sex toy section. I went on to all the other websites listed and was thoroughly disappointed! You guys still have the best site in SA in my (and my husband's) opinion! You have the best looking site, user friendliness, best selection, best brands, awesome selection of lingerie! Just wanted to share that with you."

TS - Durban

"I would like to express my admiration for the top quality service provided by Matilda’s. I am MORE than pleased. Thank you for your assistance and professionalism. I hope you decide to re-start shipping to Mozambique again." *** Editor's Note: We have resumed shipping to Mozambique and our neighbouring countries. Yay!

GM - Maputo

"Dear Matilda's thank you for the great products that you have introduced into our lives, my hubby and I have never been so happy. We have been married for 16 years and our sex life was becoming boring but after trying some of your products we discovered each other and WOW what an exciting experience. Matilda's has awakened something that was almost lost. THANK YOU FOR THE BEST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY WE EVER HAD." 

PN - Park Rynie

"Would just like compliment the Matilda's team. It is always a pleasure doing business with a firm when the service levels are of such a high standard. Keep it up - thanks once again."

BP - Johannesburg

"Nothing really you could do better from what I have seen. I phoned you customer services today and got a legible speaker who knew exactly what is going on. This is refreshing and with this you should corner the market soon. So I applaud you and what you are doing in this strange old fashioned and ultra conservative country. Keep up the good work and please oh please don't start stocking cheap nasty products like all the others. Your lines of products are well chosen and appeal to the people you need to be appealing to i.e. with money to pay your bills."

Mr. S - Stellenbosch

"I have just received my delivery from you guys and I thought I'd just drop you a quick thank you for such a pleasurable shopping experience. I've done a lot of shopping online, but you guys take it to an entirely new level of ease, convenience and efficiency! Thank you very much."

CHW - Diep River

"I would like to commend you for your excellent service. For the first time ever when ordering something online I received it on time and in one piece. This was the first time I have used your services and will definitely recommend you to other users!"

IF - Melkbosstrand

"I would just like to thank you for your honest and amazing service. My order had some complications but thanks to your staff's commitment to superb, reliable and honest service, Valentine's Day will be a glowing success. Not only did they keep me informed of the situation, but went out of her way to seek out and find a substitute that, in the end, was even better than my original order. It's nice to know that there are still companies and employees who place such a high standard on customer service AND customer satisfaction . I will definitely be buying from Matilda's again! Kind regards and many, many thanks!" 

H.M. - Cape Town

"I received my product the following day of ordering, and I'm very pleased with your professionalism, timely responses and accuracy.... all of which I never received from any of my many online purchasing!!! I have already informed many of my friends in my area about your company, and they are extremely keen on shopping with you in the future! Yes, there are shops in our local area, but none with the high range of stock, high quality of products, and not to mention the support and friendliness!!! I thank you once again, and you can be sure to hear from me, and all I know, in the future!! It is really a very welcoming factor to deal with such professional and efficient people such as Matilda’s. Your service to your clients is fantastic and I will definitely not hesitate to use your company for my needs."

LM - Port Elizabeth

I would like to commend you on your excellent service that you offer...I placed an order with you on the weekend and received my parcel stipulated. I must also add that the manner in which you package your goods is stunning...I enjoyed every minute while opening my parcel. I will definitely use Matilda's again and also highly recommend you to my friends! Keep up the fantastic work!

SD - Cape Town

Just a quick message to say thank you so much for the great service in which you delivered my package. It not only was on time, the quality of your products are paramount to those of your competitors, not that anyone can compete. A very big thank you, its like a breath of fresh air. Look forward to ordering our next package from you soon.


Thank you for the assistance and the great service. I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive at first, but with the fantastic level of service that I have received from you ladies, I will most definitely do all future business through Matilda's. Thanks once again and have a great weekend.

RH - Bloemfontein