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Fifty Shades of Grey

Tease | Feather Tickler

Seduce your partner with the delicate tickling of the Fifty Shades Tease Feather Tickler. The perfect prelude to bedroom bondage fun, this luxurious feather tickler will make them squeal with delight from sensory anticipation.

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Trail the soft, gentle feathers of the Fifty Shades Tease Feather Tickler over your partner's skin and tease their nerves to attention. The sensual plume of feathers has natural variations in length, providing an array of arousing sensations to your lover's most sensitive spots. The Tease is a perfect introduction to sensory play and light bondage experimentation. It's even light weight and compact enough to bring on a scandalous weekend getaway!

"Christian trails the soft feathers over my stomach and breasts as I become capture by desire, needing more and more. He continues to tease my naked skin, smirking with each titillating stroke."


  • Perfect Introduction to Sensory Play
  • Luxurious, Soft Feathers
  • Add Variety to Your Play
  • Short Handle for Fun on Your Travels


Contents 1 x Feather Tickler
Material No
Size 38cm

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