A Practical guide to G-Spot Stimulation

A practical guide to G-spot Stimulation

All women have a G-spot, but bodies are different and can have different results. It's not a one-click orgasm – sometimes it takes a good few tries to understand it and then suddenly it's there!
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The G-Spot Crash-Course

Experience the awesomeness of the G-spot  orgasm

If you haven't been experiencing enough mind-numbing G-spot action - or G-spot orgasm, here are a few tips that to make your sex life a whole lot better.

You need to know the absolute basics first. The G-Spot is about 4 or 5 cm inside the vaginal opening and it feels as though it's almost up against the pelvic bone. It's actually easily accessible, but knowing where it is (or should be) isn't nearly enough.

All women have a G-spot, but bodies are different and can have different results. It's not a one-click orgasm – sometimes it takes a good few tries to understand it and then suddenly it's there! It’s SO intense – but maybe only after five tries or so. Once mastered, an orgasm is 30 seconds away. Here's how to best achieve G-Spot climax:

  1. Communicate – With each other until you both understand all the buttons.
  2. Use lubrication - Nothing kills pleasure like being uncomfortable.
  3. Relax – Your body entirely. Results will get better. A generalisation, but a largely accurate one too.
  4. Give this to your partner - The more you both know, the more fun it'll be.
  5. Clitoral stimulation - Is critical for really good G-spot action.
  6. Just like a TV remote with flat batteries - Pressing the buttons harder doesn’t help!
  7. Long or scratchy nails hurt - Clean hands and very short nails are very sexy.

Waking up the G-spot

Curiously enough, your G-spot is probably going to hibernate until you wake it. You can do this primarily by stimulation of the clitoris. Yep, other stimulation can work, but clitoral stimulation is the winner here.

That precious love-button is only going to become something useful when your body is sufficiently turned-on. Until then, it's going to stay very hidden, very small and very difficult to find. Actually, it's almost entirely useless in its unaroused state. It’s only when it becomes swollen that our hot blooded instincts start working.

G-Spot Stimulation

With two softly curled fingers, explore the front vaginal wall, sliding in delicately. You'll find a slightly ridged bump that stands out just a little when it's adequately aroused. It's not even 1cm wide.

When you find it, make very slow, gentle spiral circles around it, over it. Slower still. Even slower – slow your circles down to half the speed. Make your circles smaller until you're actually just wiggling your finger on the exact spot itself. Now, make microscopic circles, so small that you don't even know if you're actually making circles anymore.

Increase the pressure a bit and notice the body's reaction. Bliss. Repeat this in whatever pattern you choose. Remember to stimulate the area around it too because - like a massage - too much attention in one spot becomes flat after a while.

Remember to tease and experiment. You can also use the curling of your forefinger in a squeezing "come here" motion, which will put pressure on the G-spot area. Remember, no recipe suits everyone. It's always going to change! Practice and play. In fact, please give us feedback so that we can make this article even more detailed for our community.

G-Spot Trivia: Dr. Grafenberg first identified the G-Spot as an erogenous zone in 1950. However, we doubt that he had NEARLY as much fun with it as we do!

Practice Makes Perfect – in 30 Seconds

Make a mini, micro ball of Prestik, less than 3mm across. Put it on your office table. Find a spot on the table or make one (in pencil, so you don't get fired for defacing office furniture).

For this exercise, that's our G-spot. Place your little Prestik ball on the table, on the spot. Using one finger, roll that ball in small, gentle circles, just hard enough to move it, but gentle enough so that you don't squish it.

Go around and around the spot. Go over it too. Keep it varied. Now make your circles smaller and tighter. Then go a little bit bigger, but never more than 2 cm across. Then go smaller again. Repeat until you're feeling really skilled. Then, with the circles smaller, increase pressure so that your Prestik ball actually squishes flat.

Now, you're actually just massaging a Prestik pancake. Using only one finger in the circular massaging motion, get it into a ball shape again. Shew, that's skill. Repeat a million times. You are now certified as being extremely skilled in clitoral AND G-spot stimulation. These small circles and light pressure are exactly what female bodies love. Well done!

The Rest Is Easy

Once you're better than every other person in the office with your ingenious Prestik skills,  it's time to go home and play. Remember that while you're entertaining the G-spot, it's going to be pretty bland unless there is clitoral stimulation too.

When G-spot and clitoral stimulation happen together, things seem to converge and an intensity builds that cannot happen without the other. (Just so you know, many guys have reported this in their own bodies. The male P-spot is also quite uninteresting, unless accompanied by traditional stimulation. Add a blow-job or some up-and down motion, and it's over in seconds.

So Many of You are Thinking - I've Tried Before & Couldn't Find It

Again, remember that it has to be activated via clitoral stimulation first. LOTS of it. Also, don't expect too much to start with. We all found that the first few times weren't really that exciting, but it gets better with practice, so don't rush. Enjoy the journey. Relax your body entirely – that's when it begins to feel like it should.

What You Can Expect To Feel & How To Deal With It

"Melting" is the best word we've used to describe proper G-spot stimulation. Warm, wet waves that swim right through you. If you're relaxed, you're turned on and your clitoris is being stimulated, then that's the feeling right there: melting. 

All nerves, muscles, other body parts seem to temporarily lose their identity and merge together in ecstasy. (This is normally felt before climax, while your pink bits are busy doing handstands and cartwheels…)

Your physical response will vary depending on how accustomed you are to this fantastic feeling. Some women say that it sends them straight to orgasm. That's OK. To go deeper into the mystery though, one must "Zen out" a bit. Let your partner play. Don't rush. Let them tease, tickle, experiment. Why? Because, when it's done slower and more gently - it's SO different.

Some women say that it feels "intense and different" or "it gets heavy, swollen and deep". Others report that, in the beginning, it was an awkward sensation. It can be intensely intimate but it can also feel like you're about to pee. Shew! Really? Yes, exactly that. That melting feeling turns your body into a circus, where you can lose all track of moisture…Your nerves are out to lunch and they're all so dizzy with sensations that you actually don't have any idea what's going on down there.

It's just beautiful. (The debate rages on about female ejaculation and we'll chat more about it below.) Now, you have options. For that melting feeling, you have to let all your physical inhibitions go. You have to release your muscles, release your mind. No, we're not talking funny airy-fairy stuff - but you need to ignore your mental body-control mechanisms and override all those feelings.

To get to the melting stage, you have to do the exact opposite of Kegel muscle exercises. You have to relax everything that exists South of your belly-button. It's quite a mind-bender until you get your head around it.

Two things to note:

  1. Just because it FEELS like you're losing all control doesn't mean that you are. It's your nerves playing games with you. It's part of the circus.
  2. If you experiment, you can discover female ejaculation. It's an incredible feeling, but you'll need to relax entirely. If this is what you're trying to achieve, avoid the temptation to try to force it. Just let go, relax. It'll come when you do. It's a whole new piece of unexplored terrain for most of us - but it's out there for those who want to explore it. Enjoy.

G-spot Sex Toys - Which Toy To Choose

There are many special toys designed specifically for this function. They are easily recognised by their characteristic curve at the top of the shafts.

Some of them are more pronounced than others. The curve of the toy is most important because that's what offers pressure on the G-spot itself. The next most important attribute is the vibration.

Cheaper toys are generally weaker than their quality counterparts. Choose wisely. If you're going to do this properly, then make sure you have a strong vibrator - preferably one that has different vibration modes too, such as pulsating, escalating and throbbing. These modes make a huge difference to the intensity of the G-spot (and/or clitoral) orgasm. Click here to see our range of G-Spot Pleasuring Equipment…

G-spot Positions - Quick and Easy:

Position 1 She is on her back, with knees to chest and bum raised. A pillow helps* keep the bum raised. He is on his knees, holding her hips. This allows him to control movement. Delicious.

Position 2 She is on her knees, with her feet of the side of the bed. He's standing behind her, at an angle that ensures his manliness is pressing up against her G-spot.

Position 3 He's lying down, with her on top. She's sitting straight up (or leaning back a little.) This means she can control depth, pace, and angle.

* An ordinary pillow is good – but you know those cute, relatively useless bolsters that are found in bedroom pictures in expensive home design magazines? Yes. Those are awesome!

G-spot Sex Positions vs. Partner-Interactive G-Spot Orgasms

Wait a second. Don't think that this feels the same. Just because you're trying a G-spot friendly sex position, doesn't mean that you're going to orgasm in the true G-spot fashion. Sorry, we don't agree!

Yes, these sex positions DO help with G-spot stimulation and that's lovely. However, (for most ladies) it's not going to be the mind-numbing, universe-collapsing orgasm achieved when the clitoris and G-spot are given direct attention simultaneously by your partner. (Doing this solo is good, but letting your partner take care of all of the stimulation is the best, by far.)

This, when done properly, means that the clitoris and G-spot are both being tended to and the climax will be explosive. We're putting this note here just to avoid disappointment! We recently read a glossy glamour-mag where they promise that their suggested "G-spot position guide" is going to give you storming orgasms.

While this MAY work for some of you, please know that the vast majority won't find the same joy. Our suggestion: teach your partner and get him/her to know and appreciate your body. THAT will be the most certain way to experience those explosions that you've read about!