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Fun Factory

Fun Cup Explore Kit

The Fun Factory Fun Cup Explore Kit invites you to use both the size A and size B cups to explore which suits your body best. These menstrual cups are shaped to fit your body perfectly, keeping you protected throughout your period, and lasting for years with proper care.

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We deliver to anywhere in South Africa via overnight courier. Order before 3pm and you’ll probably get your order the very next day. (Some remote places may take an extra day, but if you live in Pofadder, you’re probably used to that!)
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More Info

 Thanks to the Fun Factory Fun Cup Explore Kit, the best time to not think about your period - is during your period. The Fun Cup is an ultra comfortable silicone menstrual cup that stays in place while you stay active - wear it while you walk, run, swim, dance and even during foreplay. The Fun Cup Explore Kit contains 2 Fun Cups - the Fun Cup Size A and the larger Fun Cup Size B. These cups hold 4 - 6 times as much as a tampon, and we love that they’re completely reusable for an eco-friendly menstrual solution that’s body safe, hypoallergenic and easy to use. The Fun Cup is budget friendly, saving you money on pads and tampons. It’s also an eco-friendly menstrual solution that’s kind on the earth (Did you know that the average woman’s period causes 140kg of tampon and pad waste over a lifetime?). This pack of two Fun Cups gives you options when it comes to size. The Fun Cup A is great for light flow days, while the Fun Cup B is designed to hold a heavy flow without feeling intrusive. Once your Fun Cup is full, simply empty it out, rinse it and reinsert it. Your purchase includes a handy and hygienic antimicrobial bag for clean, safe storage.


  • Two Fun Cups
  • 1 x 20mls
  • 1 x 30mls
  • Antimicrobial Bag
  • 100% Vegan Product
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Body-safe silicone
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