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Lubalicious! Flavoured & Sensation Lubes

  • 2 min read

We all know that lube has tons of practical uses, from adding a little needed moisture, to getting your favourite toy into the mix, to easing the way for some bottoms-up action.

When it comes to your basic bedroom kit, good lubes are a must-have. You need a silicone-based lube for extended play, and a water-based lube for toy play and for those days you’re just not in the mood for stickiness. But it doesn’t end there. Lubes come in dozens of flavours and sensation-types, and they can be used for all sorts of fun foreplay.

Cooling, warming or tantalisingly tingling sensation lubes

Sensation lubes aren’t only meant to tingle the titillating bits. They can be used to create a pleasure pathway along the thighs, back, tummy, collarbone... anywhere you can think of, really.

Some lubes are tingly, some are icy. Others feel perfectly normal until they’re breathed on, and suddenly there’s a delicious warming sensation travelling along your thigh. There are a huge range of sensation lubes, from Pjur's  Cool Waterbased Lubricant or Shunga’s Intimate Kisses oil, to a variety of massage oils. They’re definitely the smoothest way to take foreplay to a whole new level.

Fruity-licious flavoured lubes

Flavoured lubes also have their place, and turn your lover’s body into a tasty treat to lick and nibble as you set the scene for some seriously sexy action. They’re perfect for oral sex, encouraging lascivious licking and murmurs of pleasure (which of course will bring on more than murmurs in your pleasure partner).

If you enjoy oral sex after using condoms for penetration, flavoured lubes are a great way to quickly dispel the nasty chemical taste some standard latex condoms can leave. (Of course, adding fun flavoured condoms or dental dams to the mix is also ideal for tasty safer sex.)

What’s your favourite flavour? Whether you like a refreshing watermelon, decadent cherry or flavour bursting strawberry & kiwi, there’s a delicious and fun flavoured lube for everyone. Just remember: flavoured lubes often contain more gelatine than plain lubes, so if you have a reaction to gelatine, rather keep the taste sensations away from your delicate bits. So add some fun to your bedroom, and some spice to your sexy time, with a selection of lubes for every occasion.