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  • The Swan Collection

    The Swan Collection

    Intended for internal pleasure seekers

    these specialty toys offer limitless g-spot indulgence

  • Lelo Ora

    The Ora, by LELO

    The World's Most Sophisticated Oral Sex Simulator

    Now in stock. It's a pleasure.

  • 50% Off Sale

    50% Off Sale

    Sexiness is now on sale. Find something hot

    & you could win our 50 Shades Giveaway!

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This is where the fun begins! We're uber-proud to have such a B-E-A-utiful store - famous for our excellent service & private shopping experience. Go ahead and take a peek and we’ll take care of the rest. We keep it local so if you're lucky you could get your order tomorrow, because our deliveries are overnight…

Now, pull your partner in close or if you are surfing solo - Giggle, blush and browse! Play a fun game: Pick 3 of your favourites and, of course, your 3 naughtiest too. Either way, just have lots of sexy fun - that's what we're here for!

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Great Sex in 48 Pages

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Our designers are a colourful bunch, so they decided to boast with their skills to offer you ALL the best toys and lingerie in our sexy new magazine. They've featured the best designer toys, that look great and feel amazing.

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Gifts that keep on giving...

We've selected these products because they make stunning gifts. They look great, and feel beautiful. You can also add personal gift notes during checkout, so you can add some naughty words to your partner's prezzie!

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Best Products + All The Low-Down!

Discover a new and exciting way to find all of your favourite adult toys! We wanted to share our sexiest products with you so we’ve created some truly special videos that will help educate you on the highest quality toys on offer.

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All the must-have sex toys

Add some slip and slide to your sexual encounters by using lubricant with your partner or one of our sextoys. Increase your sexual enjoyment with our range lubricants and lotions to ensure that you get the utmost pleasure and comfort during sex. Specialise in the art of pleasure and seduction by making sure that you have all your erotic essentials on hand which will allow your partner to tie you down and administer a night of erotic thrills.

Revolutionize Your Sex Life...

Finding Your Fantasies

We have all the ingredients for a fulfilling sex life rich with hedonistic exploration and indulgent pleasure. Find your seductive style and create the perfect bedroom ensemble with Matildas’ range of sexy lingerie.  The time is ripe to bring some fun into your sex life with our extensive selection of top quality sex toys. From dildos, vibrators and fleshlights to love sleeves, kegel exercise balls and strap-ons- we are confident that our selection of sex toys will excite and satisfy your needs!

Have You Tried Any New Thrills?

More Rude, More Adventure!

If you would like to introduce a little kinky-ness you might like to try some light bondage or BDSM with our range of blindfolds, cuffs and spanking paddles. Adult games and erotic books with tips and tricks on new styles of lovemaking - set the mood for bedroom escapes! All available on our online adult sex shop. With us, you can find out how to enjoy better sex with our wide range of stimulating sex toys, alluring lingerie and arousing erotic accessories.