Womanizer W500 | Clitoral Stimulator

by Womanizer

The revolutionary Womanizer W500 Pro clitoral vibrator delivers on its pleasure promise. It's the first clitoral vibrator that uses sucking and air pressure to arouse and excite, without even needing to make contact. Compact and attractive at 125 x 62mm, with easy USB recharging, you can take it with you wherever you go (and you'll want to). You’ll get two stimulators with your Womanizer vibe – including one in XL for larger clitorises. This vibe is quiet and discreet as you scroll through 8 intensity levels with a simple push of a button. The Womanizer has been making waves around the world with technology focused entirely on your pleasure, for multiple orgasms at the touch of a button.

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More Info

The Womanizer W500 Pro uses impulses to suck and stimulate for contactless play that targets the clitoris. It features a super soft mode as well as a super power mode for perfect balance.


Box Content Detailed Instruction Manual
Features 8 Adjustable Intensity Levels; Silent Mode 42 dB; 2 x Attachment Sizes Included (Standard & XL); Super Soft Mode (Level 1); Super Power Mode (Level 8); Made With Swarovski Elements; Storage Case; 11 Language Instruction Manual; Included USB Charging Cable & Adapter
Measurements 125mm X 62mm
Toy Material Detail ABS & Silicone
Toy Powersource Rechargeable
Manufacturer Womanizer
Toy Warranty No
Toy Speed Multi Speed
Toy Stimulation Clitoral
Toy Type For Her
Toy Waterfriendly No

Customer Reviews (6)

Guaranteed happy spot Casanova...Review by Happy_Place on 7/25/2016
I was sent one of these as a gift and must say after opening the package, I was a bit dubious about it's use and effectiveness. Although the makers of the Womanizer went to great lengths to make the design and colours appealing, it is still a rather strange looking item.

But looks are not everything! Functionally the Womanizer will give you the quickest orgasm achievable, every time. It is like the Thomas the Tank Engine of happy time toys.

Tip: Use the Womanizer in conjunction with other toys or have your partner give you an all over body massage. Use the Womanizer for a couple of seconds (make sure it is positioned correctly on your happy spot - you may want to use a mirror the first time) and then stop again. This will ensure a nice build-up.

You can of course use it for the naughty quickie when needed too and this is a great toy that fits in nicely for stress relief in a busy life! It is super quiet so no need to worry about other house dweller either.

It Gets The Job Done!Review by Jackie on 7/18/2016
I had read some reviews on the womanizer pro and although hesitant at the high price I decided to buy it as I was looking for something a bit different. Well this product certainly didn't disappoint. It took a little while to get the positioning right but once I figured it out it was such a unique sensation, almost like a suctioning feeling, unlike the usual clitoral vibrators I'd used in the past. There are several different intensity settings which is so useful. The question is not if you will climax but how quickly. Depending on your sensitivity, you can choose to climax within seconds by using the high intensity setting, or draw it out by using a lower setting. I have had several multiple orgasms using the womanizer pro. It's discreet and perfect to use for a quickie before work or for long ecstatic sessions. I would highly recommend this product, it was worth every cent.
Fantastic ProductReview by Sheri on 5/24/2016
It works incredibly well. There is a small learning curve to place it correctly and make sure there's a seal but once it's in place, it feels wonderful. Powerful orgasm in less than a minute. Keeping it in place on a low setting allowed multiple orgasms at a fairly steady rate of every two to three minutes until I decided to stop. It feels great on your own or your partner's nipples as well and trying it on the nipples helps you get a sense of how to place it and get a good seal.

Would most definitely recommend this product.
Great orgasms but not very versatileReview by MandyL on 5/10/2016
The Womanizer does what it is supposed to in that used as intended I climax quickly, strongly and easily but the thing does not lend itself to any other play really. Other vibes can be fun over the body, around my sex and especially up and down my vulva as a prelude to getting to my clit and teasing her from different angles and with different pressures and movements. Is the Womanizer great then? When I want to orgasm and not play or be played with then yes it is clinically good at its job but when I want to tease myself and have a nice time rather then just Wham, orgasm, its isn't fit for the job and I go back to my Fairy Wand that saw me off many times before the Womanizer arrived. In conclusion, its a toy with one use, a great use, but it doesn't meet my needs most times.
Its great - can't understand Mick's reviewReview by LaCamilla on 2/8/2016
I have vibrators, powerful vibrators, including a Fairy Mini for play on the bed where electric is available and a Lelo Smart Wand for travel and out and about situations so I know what power is and so believe me when I say that when used properly the Womanizer is powerful. Its but different and takes some getting used to and yes when used incorrectly it does not deliver. Key thing it does not vibrate, you do, or you will if it is done right. The thing does rapid alternating sucks and blows (very small volumes) and anything trapped in the devices mouth gets drawn up then pushed back by the air such that the inserted item effectively vibrates. The trick is to get your clitoris and only your clitoris into the mouth (hole less than a centimetre wide) and to push the device onto yourself so the edges of its mouth make a seal around the clitoris. Get this wrong and you are looking at a tiny waft of air that does nothing but done right and your clitoris is sucked and blown at speeds from 'Oh wow' to mindblowing. I orgasm as quickly with the Womanizer as I do with the wand vibes and its quiet too. As it isn't in contact with my clitoris head it does not make me supersensitive after orgasm and so continuing on slow for further cycles of pleasure is possible. So if you are having problems Mick, try a bit of waterbased lube around the toys mouth, ensure she spreads and only lets her clit into the thing, that one of you presses down fairly firmly to make and keep a seal around the clit head and that care is taken not to let the head slip or air get in when she moves around as she is masturbated. PS. Mine is my favourite "me time" toy at the minute.
Very DisappointingReview by Mick on 2/7/2016
After seeing all the reviews online about how this is something different, its new and unlike any other "vibrator', i couldnt find anything negative about it, i thought i would get this for my wife... she found it really disappointing, we tried all the settings and none of them did much... she prefers more direct vibration(now we know) if you are a fan of regular vibrators then stick with those... this is new but for us a huge disappointment for the money spent

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