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by Shunga Erotic Art

Ambiance with a romantic touch! The key to experiencing the ultimate erotic massage is with these Shunga Massage Candles. The luscious oil that melts from the candle has aphrodisiac properties which will send you into sensual bliss as your partner drips warm and comforting oil all over your body.

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This sexy Shunga massage candle is a great way to create intimate arousal between you and your partner. The candle's wax is specially formulated to melt at a lower temperature, so it can be used for erotic massage without burning your skin. The feeling of warm wax being poured over your body and then slowly massaged all over...Ah, bliss! The soft, silky feel of the glowing wax on your skin, together with your lover's caress will create a sensual massage you will never forget.

Yes, guys - it's kind of soft and squishy, romantic and cuddly BUT this stuff can make a whole evening different, special, entertaining. It will get you doing new things in your relationship, trying new stuff, starting gently and talking to your partner in new ways. Live a little and do something creative. We ladies like wild sex too! If you take time with the romance and sharing, you're more likely to see this naughty side of us! This is a great addition to any order, so set up a wild evening that starts slowly and gets very, very steamy...!


Manufacturer Shunga Erotic Art
Features Scented Erotic Candle | Wax Turns Into a Massage Oil | Aphrodisiac Properties
Liquid Base Oil based
Liquid Sensation Warming
Liquid Type Massage
Liquid Size 170 ml

Customer Reviews (1)

Pricy but sensual fun candleReview by MJ on 6/26/2014
Me and my partner love this candle for so many reasons!
It gives off an amazing aroma - we chose the "Exotic Fruits" candle which is something fruity like passion fruit.

The candle wax is for some reason not scorching hot as would be expected, so you can put it directly on the skin without causing damage to the skin, although proceed with caution since this varies from person to person.

It is not too oily and the skin absorbs most of the wax after a while, which makes it a great massage oil as well.

It does last quite a while (more or less as a regular candle), so it will get you through a few sensual weeks or months depending on how long you keep it on.

Overall: Pricy for a candle, but it is so much fun to play around with. If you want something romantic for the special night, I would definitely recommend this.

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