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You and Me | Couples Bedroom Challenges

If you’re a competitive couple, this You and Me couples game will get you in a tangle. With a range of challenges to keep your relationship in tip top tantric shape, this game gets you what you want in the bedroom.

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With 90 bedroom challenges included, we suggest you slip that ‘Don’t Disturb’ sign on the door. With a roll of the dice, your fate is decided: Will it be you or me who gets lavished with amorous attention? If you’re lucky enough to be the chosen partner, you get to enjoy a little erotic treat, but remember – the hotter the treats you get, the more points your partner gets. The first partner to rack up ten points gets their ultimate wish fulfilled by the other. In a beautifully presented box, You and Me starts with a simmer then sizzles all the way to bedroom boiling point.


Contents 1 x Dice | 45 x Forfeit Cards for Each Player | 4 x 'Special' Cards for Each Player | 1 x Joker for Each Player | 1 x Sand Timer
Type Game

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