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Lady-Comp | Fertility Monitor

The Lady-Comp is an incredible, all natural contraception method that can be used effectively by most women. It’s easy, safe and as reliable as the birth control pill but without the hormones. We love the Lady-Comp monitor because you can order it and start using it immediately – there are no trips to the doctor required! The mini computer comes with all of the necessary pre-programmed data - the only thing that you have to do is set the daily alarm and place the thermometer under your tongue for an accurate reading. In less than a minute you’ll know your fertility levels. Even women that experience menstrual irregularities and complicated cycles can successfully use the Lady-Comp ovulation computer. Also, if you want to switch from an oral contraceptive to the Lady-Comp, you’ll be able to do so straight away. It’s the perfect choice for those that want natural and accurate family planning choices. Take control of your body with the Lady-Comp!

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Your privacy is important to us. That's why all our orders are packed 100% discreetly, in plain courier boxes or heavy-duty padded packaging. There is no mention of Matilda's or branding - so it looks just like any other courier delivery, meaning that you can shop with us in absolute confidence.
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We deliver to anywhere in South Africa via overnight courier. Order before 3pm and you’ll probably get your order the very next day. (Some remote places may take an extra day, but if you live in Pofadder, you’re probably used to that!)
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More Info

Lady-Comp is a completely natural method for pregnancy planning or prevention. The intelligent fertility computer, the Lady Comp is free of hormones, with no harmful side-effects. By simply pressing a button once a day you can monitor your fertility levels. A green light indicates infertility, a red light means you are fertile and a yellow light indicates you’re “probably fertile”. With this information you can manage your birth control. The Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor takes less than a minute to use and is proven as successful as the birth control pill with a 99.3% success rate. A truly amazing little device!

Not sure if you’re headed the baby route? A great feature of the Lady-Comp is that you can have it programmed into a Baby-Comp later down the road if you’re wanting to conceive. You’ll never need to buy an additional monitor!


  • Provides Temperature Reading & Menstruation Data
  • Gives Fertility Forecast For the Next Six Days
  • Reliable & Accurate
  • Over 99.3% Successful
  • 150 Day Recall
  • Takes Only 30 Seconds A Day
  • Drug & Chemical Free
  • No Side Effects
  • Helpful for PMS
  • Natural Birth control & Conception
  • No Monthly Costs
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Built in Pregnancy Test- Confirms on the 18th Day Following Conception


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Health Type Fertility Monitors
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