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System Jo

System Jo H2O Lubricant 30ml

For super smooth sex that’s never sticky, System Jo H20 gives you all the silkiness of a silicone lube without the silicone!

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If there was liquid magic for lovemaking, System Jo H20 water based lubricant would be it. This luxurious and long lasting lube has the same silky appeal of silicone lubricants, but the water-based formula makes it safe for use with condoms and your favourite toys, too. This lubricant is free from oil, wax or silicone for a non-sticky solution that’s perfect for regular play. This lube is smooth sailing when it comes to sex and the non-stain formula is easily cleaned off once you’re done.

Many people use silicone-based lube because it remains smooth and silky, unlike water-based lubes which can get sticky. This lube combines the silkiness and long-lasting effect of silicone lube but without the silicone, which means you can use it safely with your silicone toys!


  • Long Lasting
  • Never Sticky or Tacky
  • Washes Off Easily with Water
  • Toy & Condom Compatible
  • Non-Staining
  • Quality System Jo Lubricant


Flavour / Scent None
Liquid Size 30 ml
Type Water based
Added Sensation None
Liquid Type Perfect For Sex Toys
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