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Spencer and Fleetwood

Sweet 'n Sexy | Edible Candy G-String

You can use your underwear as a tool for seduction, or you can use it as a handy mid-sex snack. This tasty edible candy g-string is perfect for satisfying that naughty sweet tooth and your tongue will love the unexpected treat.

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This Sweet ‘n Sexy g-string is candy couture at its best. It’s packed with sweets that could get you into a very sticky situation indeed. These edible undies are great for adding a little extra fun to your frolics, and your partner will love the naughty nighttime nibble. Simply pop this pair of knickers on for flavorsome foreplay and have a graze when you’re in need of a little sugary sustenance.


Contents 1 x Edible Candy G-String
Type Novelty
Erotic Adult Games: Up Your Foreplay!
Erotic Adult Games: Up Your Foreplay!

The couple that plays together stays together, Right? Yes – adding a bit of play into your sex life can only make it healthier and happier. Sex doesn’t have to be a serious activity.

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